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Posted 2019-07-17T18:59:00Z

Funeral Rites

When he was in the ICU two weeks before his death, Mihály was visited by the hospital chaplain, who’d prayed on Mihály in Jesus’ name even after learning that the patient’s religious beliefs were other than Christian. Afterward, Mihály said he’d felt “spiritually raped.”[...]

Posted 2019-06-23T18:50:53Z

When a Caregiver Crashes

By Friday, Mihály had been receiving hospice care for a week. The nurses and social worker out here in Hill Country have been amazing: kind, compassionate, responsive and reassuring. With their help, Mihály’s struggle with normal daily functions (eating, digesting, eliminating) has lessened as we’ve fine-tuned his medication regimen, so much so that one night last week he requested and ate tacos from Taco Bell![...]

Posted 2019-06-18T19:25:00Z

Update about Texas Trip and Home Hospice

Our last update was on May 20, just before Mihály and I left South Carolina to travel and visit friends in Texas. Our plan was to enjoy the good music, food and camaraderie to be found at the Kerrville Folk Festival as Mihály further contemplated important decisions about treatment options and medical care and how and where he could find a peaceful place to call home.[...]

Posted 2019-03-27T22:58:00Z

An Overdue Medical Update

It’s taken weeks and months to begin writing this. We are so grateful for your support – it was crucial to helping us through a very rough month of housing uncertainty in November, and remembering that there are kind friends out in the world who wish us well truly helped buoy our spirits throughout the gloomy winter.[...]

Posted 2018-11-12T22:59:00Z

The beginning of a mission for Misi...

In response to popular demand (ha ha), this site was thrown up on November, 12, 2018, to collect urgently needed donations for Mihaly's medical care and quality of life. Check out the donations page for current info, and we'll be back later to better update this site with details of his journey thus far.[...]