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LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2015-02-18T13:39:19Z

February 17, 2015 - Dermatologist appointment with Dr. Love (that's his real name) at MetroHealth

So today we met with the melanoma dermatologist for Mike to get a full body skin analysis to look for any obvious signs of melanoma. They removed 4 moles that will be sent out for biopsy. The moles were not even suspicious looking, but they just want to be thorough, so that's good. They didn't find anything bad, which is a relief. They suggested we see an opthamologist as well to get an eye exam because melanoma has been know to develop in the backs of people's eyes. So we'll schedule one for next week. Basically they are hoping to rule out melanoma to focus on finding the source of any other tumors or cancer that might be in his body.

Then Mike will get the full PET scan on Friday morning and wait another few days to get those results. Once we get those, we'll know more of what we're dealing with and where to go from there. 

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