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Febuary 2019 - Big Decisions and Taking a Trip

Hello friends!

Happy February to you all, we hope this finds you well!  We wanted to give a little update since there have been some new developments and plans around Dad’s journey. We are so thankful for your continued prayers and support!

The biggest update is: Mike and Kathy are leaving next week for a LITERAL journey -  they are going for two weeks to a wonderful functional medicine facility outside San Diego that has been extremely helpful for a lot of people dealing with Lyme and chronic illness. After lots of research and prayer, this facility, Sanoviv, came up as an excellent next step for a short-term visit of concentrated care.  They offer not only great medical treatment, but a wholistic approach that addresses nutrition, fitness, detoxing, and emotional support among other things.  Many people diagnosed with Lyme rate their quality of life as much higher after some time there.  

While there is no guarantee of how this trip will help or how much it will, the hope is that it will help move the process of getting into remission forward by a much bigger step than might happen otherwise in so short a time. While there will definitely still be work to do after this, hopefully it will put Dad in a place of better quality of life to deal with the next challenges to come in the process. No matter what happens, this seems to be the next right step.  

Specific prayers requests are below, but if you are interested in signing up to pray at a specific day and time (or several) during Mike & Kathy’s two weeks at Sanoviv, you can click the link here to sign up.  We would love for them to be covered in prayer as they are there, resting, restoring and healing hardcore!

Thank you again for all of your love, support, and prayer, it means so much to our entire family!  


Leslie for the Lenerts


Prayer Requests:

- Peace for Mike’s spirit and body about the travel to San Diego - that he would have no anxiety both before and during the journey, flight, and drive to get there. 
- That the treatments would be productive and helpful, and that the team of experts working with him and Kathy would be kind, wise, and communicate clearly. 
- That God would work powerfully in any emotional/mental support that Mike needs to help him walk through some of these intense treatment processes. That he would have courage and strength for so much treatment in such a short time. 
- That Kathy would also rest DEEPLY during this time - she is not actually even allowed in the treatments with Mike, and will be at this beautiful oceanside facility and away from usual responsibilities, so it should be a good time of restoration in the midst of this tough season.  Pray for her to get a lot from that and have lots and lots of peace and rest there.  

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