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Posted 2019-02-25T05:38:35Z

Special Treatment tomorrow

Hey everyone!  

This is Leslie just wanting to share about a particular treatment happening for Dad tomorrow, because your thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.  Tomorrow (Monday) at 10:30 am Central time (so 8:30 where they are in Pacific time), Dad will be getting a treatment called hyperthermia, which basically entails heating up the body in a way that simulates a fever so infectious cells can be killed off. (I’m probably not explaining it perfectly, but you can read more here.)

Hyperthermia is something that Mom & Dad had already encountered in their research about treatments for Lyme and related diseases, and it’s done in lots of places (apparently they have clinics all over Germany that do this), so this is an exciting thing to get to do, but also intense—basically a lot of the things Dad has been doing in Sanoviv this week have been to intentionally get his body ready to do the hyperthermia treatment.  It sounds like he’ll be getting ready for and then recovering from it for most of the day tomorrow.  

So I just wanted to update everyone on that, and if you’re praying, you can keep in mind that from between about 10:30-12 our time Dad will probably be getting that treatment.  My hope is for it to be both peaceful on him and effective, and to yield amazing results in combating his illness.  

Thank you so much for reading and your continued support!  


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  • Sharon Darnell
    Sharon Darnell

    We will be praying at 6am and 10:30 tomorrow.

    6 months ago · Reply
  • Donna Palandro
    Donna Palandro

    Praying this morning.

    6 months ago · Reply