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Bryan Smith Bryan Smith

Hi Mike so proud of your steady improvements! Love to see your smile. Uncle Bryan ( The first ) : )

Jane LaBrie Jane LaBrie

Love the pics! You are one in a million, Mike! Keep up the great work! 💞

Bryan Landon Bryan Landon

So glad to see all the wonderful updates you are making god bless you

Sandra Ogle Sandra Ogle

Keep up the good work!! We are sure you will make full recovery, you are doing Amazing so far!!! God Bless 🙏🙏

Uncle Don/Aunt Sandy💕

Jackie Gable Jackie Gable

Mike: it was great to spend a few days with you in Chicago while we all learned new ways to help you rewire your brain. Dr Zelinksy and Dr. Marcus are world famous for their work with TBI Patients and I truly believe that you will make a FULL RECOVERY. If you follow their programs and wear the glasses you will continue to rewire your brain just as others have done with their help. #FightLikeHellMike
Love you, Nana

James F Ewing James F Ewing

I am amazed how far you have come Mike. Keep up the great work.

Phyllis Butner Phyllis Butner

Continued 🙏 and hopes for a better tomorrow — I borrowed a quote — the forces that are for you are greater than the forces against you.

Jackie Gable Jackie Gable

Hey Mike, we’re counting down the days. 10 more days and you are COMING HOME...back to Centreville. So maybe you won’t have the beautiful view of Lake Erie, from your window, but you’ll have us. All of your family and friends who have missed you and prayed for you since Jan 30. We all miss you, the dogs miss you, the cats miss you, heck even the fish miss you. I was watching the skate thrashing in the water yesterday, and I thought of you, and how much you LOVED to snag a skate on your line.

Also, I can’t wait to get one of those BIG HUGS from you.
Love, Nana

Lucas Landau Lucas Landau

Hi Mike, Was just thinking about how your recovery is coming along. Keep working hard. We’re all pulling for you over here in Pittsburgh.

Robert Thompson Robert Thompson

Great Going Mike, keep pushing hard to get backyour life

Cortney Leske Cortney Leske

Hey Mike,

My family and I hope your recovery is fast and we are praying for you. I want you to keep your head up and keep a smile on your face. You got this buddy, keep up the fight!

Cortney Stewart

James F Ewing James F Ewing

Good luck Mike. We are praying 🙏for you. Chuck Jewell said good luck

Jackie Gable Jackie Gable

Happy Birthday Mike,
Today you are 24 years old. I am reminded of the Kenny Chesney song “Don’t Blink” because it seems like yesterday you were six years old. I can still see your little towhead, playing in the dirt with your Tonka Toys. It’s a bummer that you have to celebrate your birthday in a hospital room. Maybe we can FaceTime you later today when you are finished with PT and wish you Happy Birthday. We love you and miss you and pray every day that you will have a complete recovery.
Love, Nana and Ditdad