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To keep family and friends updated about my breast cancer treatment.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Good news!  I just got back from the post-op appointment with the surgeon and all margins are clear and all lymph nodes are clear.  I was optimistic going to the appointment (Sally drove me back and forth)—but there was always that little bit of worry.  The next time I will see the surgeon will be when she takes out the port next January.

So—next steps:  I will continue with chemo every three weeks —with just Herceptin—very few, if any,  side effects.  That will continue until next January.  

The surgeon’s office will send all reports to radiology and the schedule will be set up for radiation to start four weeks after surgery—that will start the end of May.  Radiation will be for six weeks, five days per week.  

Along with the good news, I am very glad to get rid of the drainage receptacle.  I kept being concerned that it would fall out or become infected—but it stayed where it was supposed to be and no sign of any infection.

Yesterday, the oral surgeon took out the stitches from the tooth.  That healed well, too.  He said I had healed “like a 20-year-old.”    :-)

The pain from tooth and lumpectomy has been minimal.  I was allowed to take a pain medication every four hours.  I now take it every twelve hours—and never took it more often than every six hours.

So—I hope everyone reading this has a good day and I will, too.

Again—thank you to all for the good wishes, prayers, emails, flowers, cards, food—it has been truly overwhelming and I so grateful!!

I will be updating the blog as something new comes up—but probably won’t be on a regular basis.

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