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Posted 2019-10-06T18:14:52Z

Sunday, October 6, 2019

It’s been several months since I have posted to the blog because everything is in a routine now.

The milestone last week was getting my first hair “cut,” — actually a trim.  I went back through the blogs and saw that I had the buzz cut in mid-February—so it is almost eight months between cuts.

Emoke, who cuts my hair, is the person who told me about using flax seed oil on my skin during radiation.  I thanked her for letting me know—because it really helped protect my skin from burning.

I continue to work a few hours in the morning from Thursday through Sunday.  Monday through Wednesday, my main focus is going through “stuff” in the house—that I have collected over the twenty years I have been here.  (Why I thought it necessary to save material from every conference/training I have been to in the last twenty years is beyond me—but it’s gone now.  :-) ). I am taking things to be donated to the Haven Hospice store.  Something leaves this house every day—never to return.

I am also fostering four cats.  :-).   As I posted, both Chloe and Cassidy, my very elderly cats are no longer with me.  A friend asked if I knew anyone who would foster the four cats and I said, “I will.”  I have to say, it is nice to have them here.

Tuesday afternoons I have either bloodwork done or chemo and bloodwork.  After the lumpectomy, the plan was to be on Herceptin every three weeks (via the port).  That was changed to Kadcyla, which research has shown to be more effective in lowering the chances of recurrence.  Kadcyla can damage the liver—that’s why I need to have bloodwork done every week.  So far, so good.  My bloodwork is always very good—everything is in normal range.  I have the Kadcyla (through the port) every three weeks and that will continue until mid-February.  (The Herceptin was going to be until 12/31/19–the Kadcyla is a little longer.)    I am also on Tamoxifen—in pill form, taken once per day for five years.

The main side effect continues to be fatigue.  Mornings I am fine.  I get up around 5:00 and have a good amount of energy—that’s when I get things done.  By late morning, I’m beginning to fade.  After lunch I have a nap and relax for the rest of the day.  I still have the neuropathy and dry mouth—but the side effect I will be most happy to get rid of is the fatigue.

My visit to Seattle was great!!  I spent my 75th birthday there.  I love my apartment!!  It is going to be perfect for me.  While I was there, I checked out the North Shore Senior Community Center—about five miles from Lisa and Jeff’s home.  It is a terrific place—the second largest senior center in the country.  (I believe the largest is in Illinois.) They have a huge offering of activities, classes, day trips and volunteer opportunities.  I plan to get involved there as soon as I’m settled.

The plan continues to be that I will move around the end of April.  That is arbitrary, depending on Lisa’s schedule and any follow-up medical appointments I need.  (For one thing, the port needs to be removed.).  I plan to work at the part-time job until just before Christmas—Lisa and Jeff will be here for the holidays.  

That’s about it.  Lisa  will be checking on oncologists in the Seattle area for follow-up appointments.  If anyone reading this blog happens to know of oncologists in the Seattle/Kirkland area, if you could let me know, that would be great.  I’ve asked the folks where I’m getting my treatment now, but they don’t have a contact in that area.

Again—thank you to everyone for prayers and  good wishes!!

I hope everyone reading this has a good day and I will, too.

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