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July 19, 2019

The milestone for this week was the completion of radiation.  My friends Sally and Catherine were there to help me celebrate.  I got to ring the bell and received a Certificate of Completion.  It was a meaningful day.  I choked up as I rang the bell.  That caught me by surprise— it takes a lot for me to choke up.  I was truly touched.

Radiation went well.  The flax seed oil applied to the skin at least four times per day worked well.  It helped prevent the skin from burning.  Also—for anyone who has to hold their breath during radiation, I recommend practicing at home—at least until you become confident that you can hold your breath.  Other than that, it went along fast.

Chemo continues every three weeks.  My latest infusion was last Tuesday—-I won’t have another one until the first Tuesday in August—after I return from Seattle.  

The mother-in-law apartment has been completed and I’ve had my bed and a recliner delivered—so I’ll be able to sleep in the apartment while I’m visiting in a couple of weeks.  I’ll be in Seattle a week.

As always, the side effect that I have is fatigue—right now, due to both radiation and chemo, since this week I’ve had both.  I expect this weekend I’ll be tired—but I’ll just go into the office for a few hours each morning and then have a nap in the afternoon.  I expect the fatigue will start to subside next week, since I won’t be getting any chemo and radiation is done.

Other side effects are neuropathy (tingling in fingers and toes) and occasionally my mouth is dry.  But neither of these bother me as much as the fatigue.

As I have said before, all the medical professionals I have met in this process have been outstanding.  They are truly special people.  

So—I hope everyone reading this has a good day and I will, too.

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