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Sunday, February 17, 2019

The milestone this past week was getting the buzz-cut.  :-)

I had been told that I would probably start to notice some hair loss after the third or fourth session of chemo.  And—right on schedule, I noticed more hair in my comb Friday morning.  (Tuesday was the third chemo session.)

My hair is cut every five weeks and this weekend I had an appointment already scheduled.  So—I had contacted my hairdresser to let her know I’d be getting the buzz-cut, rather than a regular cut.

We did it Friday afternoon after her other customers had gone.  I have to admit, I was a little nervous—I wasn’t sure if I would have an emotional reaction to having my hair cut off.  I didn’t.   (After reading this blog, you probably have deduced that I’m a pretty pragmatic person.)

And—my hair has never been an outstanding feature of mine—it’s not as though I have had long, thick, flowing tresses.  :-). The one “claim to fame” as far as my hair goes, is that I am still in the process of “going grey.”  I’ve never had to color my hair.

I’ve taken pictures of me before and after the buzz-cut, plus various new “looks:”  wig, crocheted hat, baseball cap and Lisa will upload them to the blog.  My iPad doesn’t always connect well to the blog—so I email her what I write for the blog and she uploads it. (Lisa's note: these photos can be found under "Photos" above or by clicking here.) 

It was rather cool late Friday afternoon and I noticed my head was chilly!  :-). I didn’t expect that.  :-). When I went into the office yesterday, I wore Patti’s crocheted hat—because sometimes the a/c can be chilly—and that was a good choice, I was very comfortable.  When I’m in the office on Thursday and Friday mornings, I’ll wear the wig—since clients occasionally come in.

Still no sign of any nausea.  I am hydrating, using the exercise pedals for half an hour in the morning, either working for a few hours in the morning or tomorrow I’ll do laundry, etc.  Then chemo on Tuesday and rest on Wednesday.

So far, so good.

I hope everyone reading this has a good day and I will, too.


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