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Tuesday, April 30 - Surgery update from Miss Jeanne!

Hi everyone!

This is Lisa typing from Flagler Hospital, where Mom is out of surgery and drinking apple juice and coffee. :-) Here's a message from the Woman of the Hour herself:

"All is well. I'm so glad this is done. It really was, all things being considered, very easy. The team here at Flagler is great!"

I'm sure Mom will post more in a few days when she's feeling more rested. Thank you to everyone for all of your thoughts, prayers and good wishes!

Love, Lisa

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Comments (5)

  • Kate Fermani
    Kate Fermani


    3 months ago · Reply
  • Mary Jones
    Mary Jones

    Yay, Jeanne!! Yay Team!!

    3 months ago · Reply
  • Susan Carman
    Susan Carman

    Bravo! Jeanne! You are a superstar. Cheer are wishes for a speedy recovery.

    3 months ago · Reply
  • Diane Millikan
    Diane Millikan

    No surprise you nailed it! What a relief it must be. Sending lots of love 😍.

    3 months ago · Reply
  • Cecily Hardin
    Cecily Hardin

    Such a strong, positive woman! Take care

    3 months ago · Reply

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