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Posted 2016-12-04T20:22:00Z

Goodbye, My Love

Margaret left us at 8:22 AM today.  I was with her, as were my "Team Margaret" of extraordinary caregivers, Susannah, Judi and Diane.  Hospice nurse Nancy arrived before the end as well.

The end was peaceful.  Margaret had been receiving periodic dosages of morphine since Friday evening when she began crying and otherwise showing that she was in pain.  Her breathing was labored and finally ceased.  

Danny arrived Saturday on a previously scheduled visit, so he sat with her much of the day and into the evening.  He was able to have some limited communication with her early in the day, as was Julia whom he connected via FaceTime.  

We will remember Margaret for her many talents, her indomitable spirit and her zest for life.  I asked her last year if there was anything she felt she had missed out on doing in her life; she told me "no."  

As she wished, I have arranged to have her brain donated to the Oregon Brain Bank where slices of it will be available to researchers seeking to understand the mysterious disease we know as Lewy Body Dementia.  



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