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Mmmmm.......I'd rather be fishing

Steven's journey with AML. This site will keep everyone informed as we go thru this journey with AML. He will get back to fishing soon.

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Posted 2020-03-27T14:24:26Z

Bone Marrow test and Coming home

Inhale Support and Love, Exhale Fear and Anxiety.  that is the mantra that came to me yesterday after i did yoga.  i was laying down and just breathing and trying to calm the monkey mind and the mantra of inhale support and love and exhale fear and anxiety came to my mind.  sometimes it helps to have something to focus on so that the monkey can slow down a bit and at times even stop.  the mind never really stops, but you can use tools to slow it down or even pause a beat.  we appreciate all the support and love during this time.

Dr Wright is releasing steven today.  he will do another bone marrow test and we will get the results back some time next week.  we are hoping that he is in remission.  now, that doesn't mean that this journey is over.  we still have a ways to go, but we want remission now.   i hope to have him home later this afternoon.  hospitals TAKE FOREVER to let people go.  

i ask that all of you not to text or call for the next day or so.  steven really needs to just rest in his own home.  we also need our space to readjust to each other being in the same space.  as a friend said you went from 60-0 when he went to the hospital and now it will be 0-60 as he comes home.  we will have a new normal. 

this whole situation has been a challenge to each of us in our own way and to us as a couple.  i have had my moments of loosing my shit and most of the time it is over nothing and I'm sure that i will loose my shit again or be down in the dumps.  i am only human.

inhale love and support exhale fear and anxiety 

hugs, luv and wash your damn hands


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