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Downton Arbor

Wednesday, October 18 was a big day- first immunotherapy infusion administered successfully!  It was a smooth process- just an IV and a few bags to drip in over about 3.5 hours.  Law and Order marathon was on during the drip so the time went quickly. Overall we had a beautiful day in Ann Arbor- prior to infusion, we had time to have lunch on Zingerman's Deli patio on a beautiful sunny afternoon.  I recommend the #73, so good!  It was fun to show the deli to Aaron since he had only ever been to the roadhouse before.  Unfortunately we did not have time for the sweets shop!  Next time for sure.  Next immunotherapy should be in about 3 weeks.  Until then, I will be monitored for any side effects that might show up.

I also met with the neurosurgeon prior to immunotherapy.  What a great guy, Dr. Nicholas Szerlip.  Basically as long as the vertebral column remains aligned and stable with the bone cement, and I remain neuro-symptom free, there will not be another back surgery.  This is good news. If the situation were to come up where I did have to have surgery to remove the part of the vertebra touching the spinal cord, it's a major big deal with approximately 33% of those types of surgeries resulting in complications.  I would rather not go there.  Radiation will still happen to the T1 tumor, although the type (low-dose v high-dose or combo) is still being decided.

Radiation of the right clavicle and left humeral head (shoulder) starts Tuesday, October 24 for ten consecutive days.  More on that later.  Docs do not anticipate any significant side effects since it is short-term. I hope they are correct!

I feel fairly good since the infusion on Wednesday, just super tired.  I slept all day yesterday.  Had to sleep in again this morning due to a flare-up of chest pain, but I'm planning to get to the office this afternoon for a few hours.  

Thank you, everyone, for all of your love and support.  Every message, call, text, delivery, drive, visit, prayer- it is all so very much appreciated!  I'm trying to keep up with proper thank you's but please forgive me if they are not prompt.  I feel your love and love you back tenfold!

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