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My Ra: A Glorious Curse

This site contains entries revealing my journey through life with RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis). I hope I will create awareness with this disease as well as reconcile the di[...] read more

LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2019-07-09T19:51:52Z

Been away for too long

I've been struggling.  The RA: Especially my feet and legs.  My hips are beginning to ache as well.  As RA patients know, it just progresses.  Family problems:  I think I'm feeling sorry for myself even though I know that's not the solution.  I just have a couple members of family left and one I'm trying to connect with doesn't try to connect with me, (my mom).  The other (ex step-dad) is very sick and dying, and because my other family member did some not so good things to him, his family won't allow me to see him just because I'm her daughter.  Im praying for God to show me the way through this.  And to teach my daughters all the things I learn everyday.  So that they will not end up the lost, tortured soul I once was.  

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