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Mauricio vs. APL

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Posted 2019-03-26T01:17:57Z

Prayers Answered

Thank you to everyone who has been calling and texting to check in for updates… and apologize for not having been more active with updates on here. Started to get wrapped up being back out in the real world, and definitely want to keep everyone who has been so supportive up to date with the progress. I have been working the past month or so and even got to go back to coaching a little bit the past few weeks- each day gaining more and more stamina. I also began to get back to a little bit more normalcy socially as many restrictions began to get lifted off of me and have been able to go to restaurants and be back in crowds without fear of infection.

During this time, there have been so many amazing groups of people that have been beyond supportive in so many ways:

During the Football Banquet, athletes, families and coaches organized a collection basket. During my time when I as home bound, I loved getting to read all the messages and letters from our young men that really gave me hope to get through this. Thank you to all the coaches, athletes and parents that made this possible and contributed.

Our amazing Bridgeland Athletic Booster Club organized Support T-Shirts to assist with the medical costs of treatment. Coach Raffield and the guys presented me with the proceeds last month… and this has definitely aided in the finances that this journey has brought upon us. It has been really cool to walk around school (and amazingly, even at the hospital and out in public) and see so many students, parents, family members and co-workers who proudly wear the shirt in support. I cannot thank everyone who participated in this drive enough… What an amazing display of community!

My Crossfit NEVO Family also organized and put on a Row event where members came in and participated in a workout to raise awareness of APL. Gio, Alex, Annie, Abby… thank you. Amazing coaches like y’all are what make this place so special. Proceeds of the event and donations by members also went to assisting me and my family during this time… Special thank you to Kate A., who probably doesn’t want a shout out, but I have not been able to get back to 5am to see you… what a blessing you are, thank you. Much like work, having community in this gym has been so uplifting and I am very thankful for everyone there.

These are just a few of the several ways I have been blessed with truly amazing people in my life. Thank you all.

On Monday March 4th I went in for my 3rd Bone Marrow Biopsy. I have been anxiously awaiting the results and I know many have been asking for updates. This past Monday, I returned from being off-cycle to have a meeting with the Oncology team.

They were proud and excited to announce that the studies came back and showed that my body is officially in COMPLETE REMISSION. Praise the Lord!

Prayers have definitely been answered and I am so fortunate to have a Care Team that attacked this so quickly with proper treatment. It is crazy to think and look back at this whole ride filled with ups and downs that both felt like an eternity… but in the grand scheme of things, also a blink of an eye.

Even with all results coming up negative for leukemic properties, I will continue treatment through early August to ensure this process closes out completely. The fight is far from over, however there is a visible finish line in sight, something I am very grateful for.

I ask for continued prayers as I enter the next round of treatment. As great as last Monday was getting the good news, the past week was pretty rough as my body has not been responding well to being back on chemo and I caught a viral sickness. Please pray for resilience and strength against the side effects and against infection.

Please also pray for one of my sister’s friends from college who just got diagnosed with Non- Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He began treatment this week, prayers for strength and that he may return to his wife and 3 young children in Complete Remission soon as well. It is crazy how this disease has hit so close to home for so many of us… but we are thankful for a God who has a Plan and a Purpose for this.

Lastly, prayers for my Uncle who is continuing treatment and recovery from liver complications. Please pray that his body can be strong enough to withstand the procedures necessary to get him back to full health.

Thank you again and God Bless!

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