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to communicate with my cousin and report my conditions as well,..

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Posted 2016-02-08T18:48:51Z

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I hope all will have a sucess story to tell as time goes by. Cancer is still a mystery to most of us, did i end up with one of the most fatal types of cancer out there,..Cancer of the pancreas. I went thru the whipple procedure also which was a devestating recovery process and Im still recovering. One may assume they will always be recovering from a whipple procedure. Prior to the whipple surgery in july of 2012,...Id never imagined I could ever be this sick and this close to death. But I am and was in a situation which does require proactive involvment because one will son realize that the information to help one after a major operation is limited and one will find that you are pretty much onb your own. Seek out friendships which may help you cope, about your feelings and try to grieve because later one down the road you might realize that time has went by and you have not grieved one tear. This is important because we all need to express what is on our heart and mind. 

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