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Posted 2018-07-20T21:28:29Z


Hey everyone 

Sorry I haven’t posted anything since my surgery. I have just been recouperating and trying to get my strength back. It hasn’t been a joy ride for sure. The Lord has been good and everything looks good. I have just started chemo again and will have 12 rounds, 1 every two weeks. My son, Robert and his family came to stay with us for a couple of weeks and helped with servicing the vehicles, changing hoses, new a/c, etc and now are in good shape. My gson Brian helped him cut down some trees around the house and it looks great. They did get to go to the beach a few times and eat some good oysters at Hunt’s Oyster Bar! The Dr gave me the ok to eat some, too, before starting back on chemo. Man were they good! Tammy is still hanging in there with me and taking good care of me. I don’t know what I would do without her. She is amazing! Loved seeing my gkids and their Momma. They kept me on my toes. Good for the soul! Thanks for all your prayers and comments. Love to all![...]

Posted 2018-04-04T00:28:27Z

Surgery Date

Set for May 3rd at University of Alabama Birmingham Cancer Center. We will be traveling on May 1st for a full day of pre registration, labs, ct scan of lungs, and possibly MRI OF abdomen on May 2nd. Will know more detail on length of stay, etc tomorrow. I know the good Lord has got this! [...]

Posted 2018-04-03T05:01:22Z

Good news

I apologize for not posting in a while. I have been sleeping alot and just trying to get through the days of feeling bad. Some days are harder than others. My last report showed the tumor to be down to almost an inch. I should be hearing from the surgeon at UAB to schedule appointment for consultation about surgery. I have to wait a couple more weeks since it’s been 2 weeks since my last chemo. I  want to say how greatful I am for my wife. She has gone above and beyond taking care of me and helping me get through each day. I know it hasn’t been easy, especially putting up with me on my bad days. I can be quite awnry.  I love you my sweet wife. [...]

Posted 2018-03-07T15:14:10Z

Happy Day

Had a good visit last week. Tumor is still shrinking . Down to 24 for cea #'s. One more treatment next week. Then will see the surgeon at some point. They generally wait about 4 weeks after chemo to do surgery. Will update when we know more. May God Bless. Thank you for your prayers. [...]

Posted 2018-02-16T04:52:12Z

Good News

God hears our prayers. The cancer is shrinking. Numbers went down to 54. Two more treatments and then to University of Alabama to see surgeon about surgery. I havent felt too good with the chemo. Mostly no energy and nausea. Tammy’s been sick for three weeks and now I’ve got a virus. Praying we feel better soon. I want to thank my son, Robert for coming and helping out with some things at the house and with the truck. His wife Christina and the grandchildren visit with us. Courtney has been to visit a few times and Caitlin and grandboys came last weekend . Will update in two weeks. Keep praying. Thank you. [...]

Posted 2018-02-09T22:44:42Z

Ct scan

With last week's Dr appointment , my bloodwork came back with the CEA numbers having risen again to 89. I had a CT scan this week and will find out on the 14th, how the cancer is growing so we will then know how to proceed. My God is great and I know he will carry me through. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.[...]

Posted 2018-01-19T05:42:09Z

Praying 🙏

I had my 2nd treatment yesterday and received my results from my bloodwork for last week and week before I had received them also but didn’t mention it as I was a little disappointed and needed to process it. The CEA numbers for the tumor markers went from a 9 in September to a 39 at the end of November to 60 last week and this week it’s at a 70. Of course I’ve only had 2 treatments so really hasn’t had time to work, but Dr wants to do an MRI to see how it’s growing. We will then proceed with either the same plan if numbers happen to come back down next time or surgery may be sooner than planned. Tammy and I have faith in the good Lord above. He is our rock and know he will carry us through! Love to all and thanks for your prayers.[...]

Posted 2018-01-15T01:15:05Z

One day at a Time

My wife, Tammy started this site for us to share with family and friends. It has been a rough start getting to start my chemo with lots of unnecessary obstacles. I have fought through those and finally began my treatments on January 3rd and will have one treatment every two weeks. I’m supposed to have 4-6 treatments to shrink the tumor in my liver in the left lobe. The cancer metastasized from when I had colon cancer 3 years ago. When it shrinks (thinking positive) I will have surgery at the University of Alabama Birmingham. My Oncologist went to school with the surgeon and feels confident in his abilities as a surgeon. I had an appointment with him in December to talk about the options that he may be able to do. He thought at that time a laparoscopic type surgery was very possible otherwise they would have to cut. Then I will receive 4-6 more chemo treatments for extra measures. My first treatment side effects hit me hard for a couple of days but as the week went on I am feeling better just tired. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.[...]