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Posted 2018-04-04T00:28:27Z

Surgery Date

Set for May 3rd at University of Alabama Birmingham Cancer Center. We will be traveling on May 1st for a full day of pre registration, labs, ct scan of lungs, and possibly MRI OF abdomen on May 2nd. Will know more detail on length of stay, etc tomorrow. I know the good Lord has got this! 

I see lots of fishing in the near future. 🎣🐟

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Comments (2)

  • esther hays
    esther hays

    Glad it is all set.❤️😊

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Christie Vallance
    Christie Vallance

    Awesome. So glad this is scheduled. Yes you have support from the heavens and here on Earth. Sending you healing energy. I know you are ready to go fishing! I will be there with Estie in Sept. so I plan to see you and Tammy. I see us eating those fish together. If you catch them, clean them and cook them, I will help you eat them!!!

    2 years ago · Reply