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Posted 2018-07-20T21:28:29Z


Hey everyone 

Sorry I haven’t posted anything since my surgery. I have just been recouperating and trying to get my strength back. It hasn’t been a joy ride for sure. The Lord has been good and everything looks good. I have just started chemo again and will have 12 rounds, 1 every two weeks. My son, Robert and his family came to stay with us for a couple of weeks and helped with servicing the vehicles, changing hoses, new a/c, etc and now are in good shape. My gson Brian helped him cut down some trees around the house and it looks great. They did get to go to the beach a few times and eat some good oysters at Hunt’s Oyster Bar! The Dr gave me the ok to eat some, too, before starting back on chemo. Man were they good! Tammy is still hanging in there with me and taking good care of me. I don’t know what I would do without her. She is amazing! Loved seeing my gkids and their Momma. They kept me on my toes. Good for the soul! Thanks for all your prayers and comments. Love to all!

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  • Christina Tabb
    Christina Tabb

    FYI gkids is for grandkids not good kids! Lol just kidding, they are. But, yes we enjoyed ourselves too! The rain gave us all good bonding time, and no-no time( between dash,bones,Selena,Brian,and Gauge!...not all at once acting crazy,thank goodness!) But this will be a hard journey, but the good news is that we have part one treatment over with. The removal over with and this is the last part. Not to be taken the wrong way, bc you know my wording ain't the best, I'm glad we were here to kick cancers @** together. Not glad you have it, but it did bring a long time needed family togetherness and we made some great memories. I'm glad that when you needed to know you have family support when times were hard that we were there for you and Tammy. Alone you can accomplish many things, together we can overcome everything! #REALFAMILYISFOREVER We love y'all

    one year ago · Reply
  • esther hays
    esther hays

    Thanks for the news. Hang in there with the chemo and we will see you soon. Love you, Sis

    one year ago · Reply