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Our journey with cancer

Cancer doesn't just affect the person that has it. It touches family and friends also. That's why I'm calling this Our journey. It will include various details, updates a[...]

Latest journal entry

Scan then lab then visit the doctor

Yesterday to Texas Oncology for the PET scan.
Had to be there at 5:30am.
The sun came up as I was driving home, alone. Anita didn't go because she had to take her Mom to the doctor.

Today to Texas Oncology (both of us) for labs (giving blood only) and talk to Dr. Flippo.
First thing Dr. Flippo says as she is walking in the door is no change with the lung nodule. Not growing.
We've done this several times now and I get very anxious just before getting the results.
It's like I'm bracing myself for bad news. Tension builds and there is a release.
Cowboys, Minnesota. Roger drops back, Hail Mary to Drew. Touchdown!

See you in 3 months.