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Posted 2020-03-25T05:57:19Z

Chemo #3

Another long day today but everything went well, blood tests were still good enough to support another chemo treatment.  Randy has been feeling really good actually but chemo days are always a bit rough.  We get home and he pretty much crashes.  Tomorrow he will get another vitamin C infusion and that will give him a boost.

The state of Washington is officially under a "shelter in place" order unless you have an "essential" job or are going to the grocery store or doctor.  Our clinic gave us a letter stating that Randy is their cancer patient receiving treatment so if we ever get stopped on our way to the clinic we just show them the letter.  I doubt it will ever come to that, people being stopped and questioned why they are out and about, but you never know.  There still was quite a bit of traffic when we were on our way to the clinic this morning, I was a bit surprised, wondering where all those people were going.  The grocery store parking lots are still pretty full also.  I try to go only once a week and first thing in the morning when there isn't very many people shopping. 

The weather has turned into very typical, rainy, gloomy Seattle weather and is forecast to stay this way for the next week or so.  Ha, it helps us feel ok about staying home for now but when it starts warming up and the sun is shining, we will have a hard time staying put.

So, that's about all to report.  We miss our family of course, love facetiming with the kids and seeing our granddaughter, Gradie.  Hopefully she won't forget us!  I talk to Nicole every couple days and I have facetimed with my sisters and friends, and exchange texts and emails with lots of other friends.  That really helps. This is just such a crazy time. Now that I stop and think about it, I guess it wouldn't be any different if we were home in Colorado, and we're all in the same boat, so what am I complaining about! (insert laughing/crying face)

We hope you and your families are all making the best of your situation and staying safe.

Love, Luann and Randy




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