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Daniel Esabu & his family - Journal

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Posted 2012-04-02T09:25:23Z

What next...

This brother needs our help. I don't see this as being naive as with God all things are possible. And please understand I just want to help Daniel Esabu & his family, not the  whole region of Uganda.[...]

Posted 2012-04-01T20:51:11Z

A brother in need of help, this is his story...

Am 16 years old and Ugandan by nationality,an orphan who lost all both parents.
.Dad died in 2007 and left mum to take care of us but she could not manage since she was a peasant who used to dig for people and they give her money which was only enough for buying food.
Dad was also a peasant who had no money because he had no job,so he did not leave any thing for mum and us,life became so hard because mum could not even some days get food for us and the relatives on the side of dad hated her thinking that she is the one who killed dad and they did not want to see us going to their place to beg for any thing,whenever they sow as from the distance,they could shout to us saying go back to your mum who killed your dad and we could go back crying tears.Mum could also cry all day long,but we had nothing to do.
In 2008,mum got diagonised by AIDS and she died,but before she died she called me and told me this wards My elder son am dying but i want you to take care of your young siblings,and she died
They left us four children.two boys and two girls you can see us all as one family in the phots.,after our parents had all died,our relatives chased us from the house and they took every became so hard and we all dropped out of school when dad died because no one took care of us and no one paid school fees for us.In order to earn a living,we started to sleep on the streets and eating on the dust bins,some times we beg food from people where by we do not get some times and we sleep without food.
We are now living very miserable we sleep in a very small house which has holes,when it rains,water enter inside,no medical treatment.
Some times we sleep hungry without eating food,i really need help from any body who can help us come out of this situation because life is not good.[...]