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Posted 2019-09-19T15:15:52Z

Week #10/11 - Rejected, an MRI, Chemo Again

Well, I have learned very quickly there is a first time for everything. Since, everything is a first time, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. 

So, last week I was scheduled for Treatment #4 on 9/11. First off all it is always a very somber drive in to the city on the 11th. Already there is a heaviness of the heart the night before through the the day. 

We got in to the treatment center early and had my blood drawn as usual. We waited much longer than normal for the clearance, so we started inquiring what the was. 

My White Blood Cell count tanked

It was actually the immature count that was down to .79. Not too low, but low. The team decided to hold off on my treatment 

for the day, reschedule, and put me on some more GRANIX. We were really bummed about missing a treatment. Personally, as I am going through this I want/need consistency which is very hard in our (PC patients) conditions. All the well, I figured I got another week of feeling better than usual before next week. Lets always take the positives.

I did find my self depressed a bit the week following, so staying positive was is so important. I tried to get out of the house and drive around, run some errands, etc. It really help keep my mind off the waiting. 


We were prescribed 5 shots prior to next treatment. It seemed like an awfully high dosage considering I take 4 shots after chemo. We were skeptical and check 2x with the nurse, who confirmed. Note to self - Its OK to second guess the treatments and ask pointed questions. We just didn't push hard enough. 

The plan was to have my first MIT scan since starting  and also use that as opportunity to draw blood again prior to Chemo on the 19th. Well, It was exactly what I initially feared. My WBC count was WAY UP , and now I could be in jeopardy of missing another treatment !!

After speaking with the oncologist, she assured us that we should be ok to go forward. She explained that it is a balancing act to find the right level of dosages to get to a level of consistency. 

Week #11 - September 16, 2019

Had my first MRI scan since starting treatment. I really hate that machine. 

My MRI Scan came back with small amounts of reduction in Pancreas tumor and several of the tumors in Liver were not detected. WOOHOO!! this is a good start only after a couple of treatments. 

WEEK #11 - September 19,2019

I had my #4 chemo treatment successfully yesterday. The day of always SUCKS!! but my side effects are lessening. My primary issues still tend to be the numb tongue after the OXI which keeps me from wanted to speak. I did have an increased neuropathy to the cold. After leaving the center I was in elevator and had the AC pushing down on me, which was making me very uncomfortable. I had too cover-up pretty extremely even though it wasn't that cold out. 

I will be paying very close attention to this, as the pain in the fingers and feet can get pretty bad. I will now start using gloves and long sleeves during and after. Overall, we got in to Columbia around 730am and left by 230pm which was great. 

Amazon Purchases

In my next entry I'm going to post a list of my Amazon purchases (my wife calls it prime-esia) that I have purchased since my diagnosis to help ease some of the discomfort. Look for it in the coming days 


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Comments (2)

  • Christie

    Thinking of you and your family! Stay strong... you can beat this!

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Kim Fowler
    Kim Fowler

    Matt so glad to hear there has been a reduction in the tumors. Love your positive outlook and the meme's are quite funny too :) You and your family are in my daily prayers.

    5 months ago · Reply