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Maria Del Coral Santomé López Maria Del Coral Santomé López

Querida Nancy, siempre llevaré tu enseñanza acerca de la mujer en el ministerio, gracias por tu pasión de integrarnos a la obra del Señor, mi trabajo será un pálido homenaje, a la gran obra que realizaste, que el Señor te ororgue el galardón que mereces. Bendecidos somos con tu vida, que gracias a Dios, será eterna en El.
Hasta muy pronto querida Nancy

Wilfrido Velasquez Wilfrido Velasquez

Wilfrido Velásquez B
Querida y apreciada Nancy.
¿Algunas veces me he puesto a pensar en todas las cosas buenas que Dios nos ha dado como persona y como familia? Y esa eres tú Nancita, junto con tu amado esposo Gerardo han sido para mí y mi familia nuestros amigos, consejeros, consiervos para emprender nuevos desafíos en la obra de Dios, y en todos ellos puedo decir Ebenezer, y Dios ha sido bueno porque lo hemos logrado, para la honra y la gloria de Dios. Nancita, Tú has sido una sierva del Señor y has confiado en Él en todo tu ministerios, tu vida siempre ha estado bajo su cuidado, y hoy más que nunca está contigo, cualquiera sea la voluntad de Dios para el día de mañana, siempre estarás con El.
Así perseverarán con paciencia en toda situación, dando gracias con alegría al Padre. Él los ha facultado para participar de la herencia de los santos en el reino de la luz. Él nos libró del dominio de la oscuridad y nos trasladó al reino de su amado Hijo, en quien tenemos redención, el perdón de pecados. (Colosenses 1:11 b-14)
Wilfrido Velásquez B
Quito – Ecuador-

Montserrat Montserrat

Mi querida Nana tuve el privilegio de conocernos a ti y a Jerry en el peor momento de mi vida y fuisteis un apoyo enorme me disteis tanto amor que todavia cierro los ojos y lo siento.... gracias por todo os llevo en mi corazon para siempre....estas en mis oraciones y no olvides que te quiero mucho.

Dale Reed Dale Reed

The site has notified us that they are shutting down as of June 1st. Instead please visit
- Dale, Rob and Kathy

Maria Do Carmo Tarrela Oreiro Maria Do Carmo Tarrela Oreiro

Hello, Nancy I do not know if you remember me but I am the mom of Leonardo and Vanessa. We lived in Cee where you and Gerardo usually went to worship Jesus. I want to send lots of love and tell you that I still having the Bible you gave to me. I love you and our father loves you too. Be strong in this time. I love you.

Dave Husby Dave Husby

Dear Nancy, continued prayers for peace and a knowledge that you are loved by our God, your family and your many friends. Thank you for your positive and encouraging spirit. I am grateful for your years of ministering to so many!
Love you,

Margie Swenson Margie Swenson

Dear, dear Nancy,
How we thank God for your life, for your faithfulness in friendship and ministry, for your example to younger Christ followers, for your leadership in mission.... The list goes on and on. You, Jerry, and the children were at our first ever church visit as newly commissioned missionaries. You were the “main-liners”; they let us wave from the congregation. We learned so much that day! We were so impressed with your amazing kids!

Over the years we have had many opportunities to do life and ministry together. You have hosted us. We have hosted you. We will never forget the day you and Jerry arrived in Colombia for an extended visit. Instead of our preparing a meal for you following your long journey, you prepared the most delicious Mexican meal for the whole staff. Remarkable!!

I (Margie) will never forget our journey from Colombia to Ecuador for one of those early CIPE planning meetings. We ended up staying in the home of your friends. They were incredibly gracious and hospitable. When they showed us where we would be sleeping, we almost “lost it”. We started laughing as we got into a tiny little bed, the two of us. We laughed and laughed until we realized our hosts might be wondering what in the world was happening. I’m laughing just remembering! Not sure either of us actually slept that night.

Years later, we had the joy of visiting you in Spain after we became the Directors of Missionary Personnel for the Covenant. You were serving with Rob, Nancita, and the Maldonados. What a team!. You were marvelous hosts. The birthday hat you “made us buy” is still being used, we imagine, by the Serve Globally Staff for birthdays. Though we had “traded places” in ministry we continued to learn from you and Jerry.

We have been friends and partners in ministry for nearly 50 years. We were so grateful to visit with you and Jerry a few days before he entered his Savior’s presence. We had the privilege of celebrating Jerry’s life through our tears both in San Diego and in Chicago.

And now, we hear that you are suffering. We know that the human prognosis isn’t what we would wish. Yet, we rejoice with you that this present suffering will result in Glory! We pray for healing, according to God’s perfect purposes in your life. We pray for weeks and months of sweet family times and relief from pain. We pray for that great and glorious day when you, and all of us, will hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” We pray for your longed for reunion with Jerry and so many who have gone ahead of us into their eternal reward.

Nancy, we love you and look forward with joy to our next visit!

Baxter and Margie

Donalda Klug Donalda Klug

Dear Nancy, my prayers are added to all the others that I know are being lifted up on your behalf. I have enjoyed knowing you and receiving your emotional support while you were at Mount Miguel. Grace and peace, and love, Dona Klug

Paul de Neui Paul de Neui

Dear Nancy,

We were new missionaries in Thailand when you and Jerry came to visit us in Udon Thani. That was one of the most encouraging moments in our mission career. I have this memory that at one point we were trying to get into Johnson's house and the gate was locked but you both were good sports and climbed right over. Seems you had lots of experience doing that in other places? I remember lots of laughs and good discussions about raising kids overseas.
Later you advised on what church to attend when we moved to Chicago and you were right about Grace. It has been a home for us for these 15 years. It has always been special reconnecting with you during each visit. Now you will be joining all those we love who have gone ahead, including Gretchen's dad. May you know our prayers surround you and the lessons that you taught live on in the next generation of those involved in God's mission.
Peace in this transition.
Paul and Gretchen de Neui

Colleen Nahnychuk Colleen Nahnychuk

Saludos en el nombre de nuestro poderoso Dios. Greetings in the name of of our almighty Father, from Bariloche Argentina. Thank you for your servant heart and the example that you are. I pray that you feel God’s loving arms wrapped around you. I pray for peace and wonder joy in the midst of this race you are running. May your family and friends see God’s love through you. Dios te bendiga para siempre, te cuida, te da paz, tranquilidad y gozo todo en su presencia. Abrazos grandes

Barbara Johnson Barbara Johnson

Dear Nancy, my mind is running away with all the years we worked together at headquarters and continued to connect after retirement. It was just a few months ago that I was at Windsor Park and we had a chance to visit (and we got lost returning from your apartment to the Martin's!) And I made you call me when you got back to your apartment to be sure you found your way home! And now this very sudden news that you are "marching to Zion". You may not read this, but I know your dear family will convey my love, prayers, and thoughts to you when it is right - and they will know that those same prayers and thoughts are with each one of your children and their families.
Jesus - and Jerry - are waiting for you with open arms.

peter a mueller peter a mueller

Dear Nancy,
27 years ago you came to our apartment with a baby gift for our first child; a cool pair of pajama's, which have lived on with many following children. Your visit was so memorable, as we were new to the church and I didn't know you knew us, much less take the time and effort to share our happiness. That visit has never left my heart and for that you have been a continual blessing for all these years. One of my life's longings is to look for and lift up hero's. You are one of my hero's, as a mother, wife, spiritual disciple, lover of God. Thank you for being a hero I and others can follow and learn from. Thank you for the heritage you have created for your kids, guiding them to be hero's . You truly are blessed to be a blessing.
We Love You.

The Mueller's

Dave Husby Dave Husby

Hi Nancy, Greetings in the Hope of the Easter and the resurrection! Thank you for your life of service to God and others. You have been an example for so many including Ronna and me. We will never forget how you and Jerry came to our mission house in Japan and so thoroughly cleaned everything while we were trying to get our babies and stuff ready to leave for the States on short notice. You were in Japan to relax and enjoy some time with family and friends, but you gave that precious time to care for some newbie missionaries that you hardly knew at the time. This is just one example of how you have lived your life. Praying for God's shalom as you rest in the palm of his hand.

James Alex Warner James Alex Warner

Dear Nancy, I wanted you to know that you mean a lot to me. You always supported me in prayer and advise. You saw me at my lowest points and lifted me up with your words and your smile. Rosalie and I will be praying for you in your fight. You taught me that the power of prayer is the key to life. We must turn to God for all things and he will answer.
I will keep watching and thinking of your and pray that you find comfort and peace. May God lay his healing hand on your and give you comfort and healing so that you may continue your journey through his words. We love and miss you Mucho. Rosalie and James Warner

Catherine M. Barsotti Catherine M. Barsotti

Querida Nancy: Saludos y abrazos desde la distancia y hoy, el domingo de resurrección, te recordamos con mucho carino pidiendo al Senor que te llena de profunda paz en medio de las circunstancias. Rob y yo estamos orando por ti, y queremos expresar el profundo agradecimiento por tu vida y tu impacto en el Reino de Dios. Paz y amor, Cathyb. and Rob Johnston
PS. So many good memories I have with you and Jerry and the whole wonderful Reed clan--one of God's gifts to me over these many years. Os quiero mucho!