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Posted 2016-10-01T01:30:00Z

For Just A Moment

Sometimes facing the reality of our situation is harder than we think. Nancy looks beautiful and is fighting her hardest, but some days the disease has to take the upper hand so that our warrior can go on to fight another day. It's so important for us to document this journey, so that we can look back in the future, but even now so that we can focus on every moment we've faced. Every so often we'll start posting little moments, little pictures, and little Nancy-written messages, please take the time to take them in, and be thankful for the love we are lucky to have in our lives.[...]

Posted 2016-09-30T15:49:00Z

Love, Nancy

The past few weeks have been extremely difficult. Chemo is bearing down, and while Nancy's test results have been better every week than the one before, it's getting harder to take on the burden of this disease. We've posted some photos from the last couple weeks as friends come to visit, namely the Goldsteins and a Levitt birthday celebration, and Nancy at the gym in order to keep her body and her mind healthy.[...]

Posted 2016-09-12T02:12:00Z

A wonderful week!

Hello all!

It’s been a quiet week here online because luckily, it’s been a quiet week at home. Nancy, with daughter Jax at her side, bravely took on chemo again on Wednesday, and all went as planned. Steroids are given with chemo every week and they’ve worked spectacularly to keep Nancy’s mood high for a few days post-chemo. It’s slightly more difficult to remain confident and light-hearted at the tail end of the week as the chemo reacts with her body, but all the lovely people in our lives who have come to the house to help and who have sent good reads and good eats have helped to keep the clouds away.[...]

Posted 2016-08-12T00:54:38Z

Fight Like A Girl

It has been a bit of a crazy week here in West Chester, our apologies to those hoping for an update over the past few days. To those of you checking in daily who have voiced their concerns over missing posts, please follow the site to receive an email when we do post![...]

Posted 2016-08-03T23:21:19Z

Naturally Beautiful

Coming into day 2 of chemo there was trepidation about starting with the intraperitoneal port. The nurses warned that it would be far more painful than day 1, anticipating that the port would cause distention and general discomfort from having fluid filled into her abdomen. Day 2 was slightly longer, 8 hours in chemo, but not terribly difficult while in the hospital. Nancy came home Tuesday evening and had a stellar night, food and a movie with the family, and a full night of sleep.[...]

Posted 2016-07-23T20:03:02Z

Our Story

This story doesn't start with a diagnosis, it starts months before.

In November of 2015, Nancy went to her gynecologist with the fear that she had ovarian cancer. After multiple tests, the disease was not found, and Nancy returned to her daily life.[...]