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Posted 2016-08-12T00:54:38Z

Fight Like A Girl

It has been a bit of a crazy week here in West Chester, our apologies to those hoping for an update over the past few days. To those of you checking in daily who have voiced their concerns over missing posts, please follow the site to receive an email when we do post!

Nancy went back into the hospital last Thursday afternoon, August 4th, with agonizing abdominal pain. She was admitted a few hours later, the doctors confirming her fears of the pain originating with chemo through the IP port. The weekend was spent in the hospital with Nancy feeling ridiculously sick: vomiting and doing her best to stay hydrated, but not quite enough.

A low point thus far in Nancy’s fight against cancer, tempers and fears ran wild this weekend. While incredibly difficult for everyone involved, Monday came and Nancy was able to breathe more easily as she ate a hamburger for lunch.

Dehydration from the weekend kept Nancy in the hospital with high creatine levels and low magnesium in her kidneys. Continuing to have the foley in so long after the surgery and a serious lack of dehydration over the weekend made her kidneys weak and unable to regulate as needed. Tuesday and Wednesday were important to the doctors for supervision, making sure that Nancy continued to hydrate, eat, and stay in motion with walks to keep her system awake.

Even with Nancy in the hospital, on Wednesday night we held our wig party! It was such a phenomenal event, and thank you to everyone who joined us! Nearly 30 people showed up to raise a glass to Nancy, get on theme with teal wristbands, and do a little bit of fundraising as well. As the high point of the event, Nancy joined us over Facetime from her hospital bed for a significant portion of the evening and had the opportunity to speak with each person. She claimed it was the most “cathartic, fabulously fun, meaningful gift” each of our guests could have given her.

The donations from the wig party will be going to a beautiful medium length brunette wig, and long blonde wig for Nancy. Any excess funds from those donations will be aiding Chris and Nancy with therapeutic and medical expenses. Thank you to everyone there and unable to make it who donated, and to those who continue to donate! We are now so set with wigs, but keeping up with the ostomy, therapy, and general supplies is expensive and we appreciate every donation with all of our hearts. We are so thankful!

Today Nancy woke up in the hospital feeling positive. Blood tests taken this morning noted creatine levels lower than even the day before, and Nancy was discharged this evening. Finally, a week later, getting to leave the hospital and spend the night at home. The doctors and nurses at the hospital are incredible, but there is nothing like your own bed and your family at your side. Infection is a huge fear in returning home, and Nancy will continue to refrain from visitors until she is more comfortable with the effects of chemo.

If everything remains in check over the next few days, chemo will begin again on Monday. The IP port will not be used in order to keep chemo as painless as possible. Again, thank you to everyone who has sent a donation, card, prayer, or message. Your love means everything to us here. And don’t forget to Fight Like A Girl!

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  • Julie Faude
    Julie Faude

    The Wig party was cathartic for us all and having beautiful Nancy larger than life on the wall via Skype did her justice. She would look fab in any one of those wigs! The setting for the party was gorgeous, food not only yummy but pretty as well, and it was wondedul to sing your praises with everybody there. You certainly know how to grow love wherever you are. I am so thrilled you are home and hope for an uneventful, peaceful and healing weekend before you get more cancer fighting juice on Monday. With never ending love - Julie

    3 years ago · Reply
  • dana reisboard
    dana reisboard


    3 years ago · Reply
  • Christina Perrone
    Christina Perrone

    Sending love to the entire family....with a special hug to Nancy!! I hope your night in your own bed is restful and without any pain. Much love, Christina

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Maureen A Ebel
    Maureen A Ebel

    Dear Nancy , Chris , Robert , Jackie , and Paulina , ( who is so clever and gifted with the computer ) , and many other who are behind the scenes , Thank you so much , and thank you to all who helped you , make last Wednesday night such a successful and wonderful evening for the guests . You are doing an amazing job of keeping the bar of hope and love very high . Nancy , seeing your smiling and beautiful face on Wednesdat night is such an inspiration to me , knowing ( not really knowing ) everything you are experiencing . I say your famous phrases to myself at least 10 times a day , " it's all perfect " ....and .... " No buts " ( not to be confused with butts !! ) I am praying you are having a good week end at home in the beautiful nest that you created for the Rugarts and Plummers . Miss you lots , Maureen and Scarlette

    3 years ago · Reply
  • livia klaus
    livia klaus

    Thinking of you:). Hope you are relaxing in a king size bed at home and getting lots of restful sleep! Only good thing about being in a hospital the remote control you can play with to make it go up and down:)!!! All kidding aside...I wish you all the best for a full recovery and am sending positive healing energy your way. Stay strong. Easier said than done for I cannot imagine the courage it must take to combat what you are going through. Lots of love to you and your family!!!! Miss ya! XOXO, Livia

    3 years ago · Reply
  • dana reisboard
    dana reisboard

    Dear Nancy, I am thinking about you every day and sending all my love and healing intentions to you. I love you so much and am looking forward to spending time with you soon. Dana

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Theresa Rickman
    Theresa Rickman

    Nancy. Hang in there. Get through this. You are one of the toughest, smartest ladies I know (besides myself and Fran of course :-). WE are all praying for you. GET BETTER ! Theresa Rickman

    3 years ago · Reply