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Posted 2016-10-01T01:30:00Z

For Just A Moment

Sometimes facing the reality of our situation is harder than we think. Nancy looks beautiful and is fighting her hardest, but some days the disease has to take the upper hand so that our warrior can go on to fight another day. It's so important for us to document this journey, so that we can look back in the future, but even now so that we can focus on every moment we've faced. Every so often we'll start posting little moments, little pictures, and little Nancy-written messages, please take the time to take them in, and be thankful for the love we are lucky to have in our lives.

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Comments (2)

  • Theresa Rickman
    Theresa Rickman

    Hi Nancy. I so admire your will to fight. I am looking forward to seeing my grandkids. I know you are too, What would those grandkids be like without the Nancy influence ? they will not be the same. they either will be told you had a grandma that died of cancer. OR they will be raised by one that refused to give in. don't you want to see your grandkids ? YOU FIGHT LADY. YOU FIGHT. IF ANYONE CAN PUT UP A FIGHT YOU ARE THAT LADY; Nancy for goodness sake you are the person that was smart AND BEAUTIFUL. I had the smart part. I could NEVER DO both. FIGHT for your LIFE. fight for your grandkids. WE are ALL praying for your ! Theresa

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Duane Miller
    Duane Miller

    Hi Nancy, when last we spoke, I told you I would run this addy down from him...Well, I'm slow, but finally obtained it!! There are lots of Pinnacle Church people who are praying for strength, comfort, and restoration for you and in addition to each of those, peace for you and your entire family. There may be physical miles between us, but there is no distance in prayer. I will not overwhelm you with posts, but please do not interpret that as "forgetting." You matter to Pinnacle Church and to me. Duane Miller, Pastor

    3 years ago · Reply