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Michelle Villarose Michelle Villarose

Hi Nancy ..its Michelle Villarose .. You may not remember me but that's ok .. You are in my prayers constantly and know that the sooo strong determined positive woman you are will pull thru this !!! If there is anything ..I can do please do not hesitate to contact me .. Prayers and hugs !!

Joan Kirk Joan Kirk

Our prayers and love are with you, Nancy.

Ann Stoddard Ann Stoddard

Nancy, John and I are rooting for you, as you regain your strength. You are so vividly alive, putting everything forward into the moment. Your optimism and confidence are contagious, new possibilities open, shining health back to you. Love, Ann/Brucie

Sue ONeill Sue ONeill

Nancy, I am just now finding out...I am so so sorry you are going through this. Sending prayers and hugs. You are a beautiful person and I think the world of you. You will find the strength to get through have a beautiful family right beside you and many, many friends, Please know that if I can do anything at all for you I will be there in a heartbeat.
xoxoxSue ONeill

Liza Fuchs Liza Fuchs

My dear Nancy, you are such a sincere and loving support for me, and now I join your family and friends to wish you the very best recovery ever! If anyone can do this, Nancy, it's you. But we don't get through life alone, do we? :) So I know that you know there are countless people––everyone you have touched with that inimitable, sweet, and classy style of yours––who care deeply about you and are pulling for you in every way possible. I'm one of them. Stay strong and get well.
love you, Liza

Lynnie Marks Lynnie Marks

Nancy you have the most unique and amazing style of any gal I know. Whatever look that you need to sport I know you will walk in with only the "Nancy walk" that we all know!!! I keep trying to copy that walk as you enter a room. But only you can care it off!! 🙏🙏🙏

Gretchen Kirkwood Gretchen Kirkwood

I was deeply saddened to find out the news of your cancer today. However as upsetting as it truly is I know you will fight this and win. And you'll do it with poise and grace and gratefully you will also do it with so much love and support from your beautiful family and friends. I will be praying for you and sending you good and healing vibes every day. You WILL get through this Nancy! xo Gretchen
PS. I think you look really super chic with the short hairstyle and can't wait to see you rock that look again soon!

Lisa Lisa

Hi Nancy - Lisa Kline - your old (In both senses) neighbor. Saddened to find out about this but from what I see you are a force to be reckoned with. I will be keeping good thoughts for you and your family.

Emily Ruppert Emily Ruppert

Dear Nancy,

Kateri says, "We miss you! And we all hope you feel better really soon. We LOVE you!" You taught us to say, "I LOVE IT!" about the big and small things in life, and we look forward to saying it each time we hear about the big and small miracles in your recovery and journey to wellness. We are praying for you daily and asking the Blessed Mother to intercede on your behalf. St. Kateri is also recognized as a prayer warrior for health causes, so we ask for her prayers for you as well. We had a card for you that said we pray for you every time we think of you and that's a LOT! ...and it got spoiled by apple juice in transit, so this is our silly replacement for something more tangible. We love you and send you all our love. Love, Kateri & Emily on mother-daughter day out in town for the whole Levitt/Ruppert clan xoxoxoxo

Emily Ruppert Emily Ruppert

Powerhouse Nancy!
I can't even begin to fathom what you're going through now. All I know is that you will KICK IT'S BUTT! You've been my second mom since middle school--I've always looked up to you for a loving hug, but more importantly for real, honest advice. Life is hard. Life isn't fair. But you've shown me we don't have to let it get the best of us. We learn to work the system--whether it's dating, SATs, job changes, or parenting. And sometimes the silliest things do just the trick--like my jumping on your trampoline to ease my nerves about HS finals :)

Above all, I love you more than words can say. I wish I were there to give you a GIANT hug and giggle about life. I am who I am in large part because of you. Looking forward to another walk in the park with you in the future. Hang in there champ! XOXO, Mariah

Frances Railey Frances Railey

You have been my inspiration for the last 36 years and I count on you being my inspiration for the next 36 years, at least. Love you. sis!!!

Deby Ross Harrison Deby Ross Harrison

Hi Nancy, we are checking in and want to let you know we are so glad your blood work results allowed you to move forward toward remission. We will continue to pray as you go into the next phase of healing.

The Harrison, Ross, and Buzbee Families

Nancy Turner Nancy Turner

Supportive thoughts of wellness, and hopeful, loving hearts leaning toward you constantly from New Hampshire. So much love, Nancy, Jim, Stasia and TJ

Jeff Faude Jeff Faude

Thank you, Paulina, for writing this. We are holding all of you in our hearts and minds, and trust that your love and care -- and Nancy's uncommon resiliency -- will help to pull her through this.

With love, Jeff

livia klaus livia klaus

Hey have been in my thoughts and prayers. Besides are the only other human ever ready battery that can keep up with versa:)! From seaside to mountains, thick and thin and everything in conquer all and are a trooper. Who else but you can make things happen and maintain a positive outlook. In the past, the two of us did amazing things and with all your support...amazing things are yet to come:)! I love you dear friend so, keep it going so, we can continue trucking into all the tomorrows yet to come. Forever...XO...Livia