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4 days before my 31st birthday I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I've set this page up to keep my friends and family updated with my battle to kick cancers butt! I'll b[...] read more

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Posted 2015-08-22T23:25:17Z


Well had the mamo a couple weeks ago, received a ridiculous letter in the mail saying how happy they were that I didn’t have any notable issues and to come back when I’m 40... umm ok I am supposed to get mamo's every 6 months... they at the bottom of the letter they say well you have noticeably dense breasts and this can make it hard to spot cancerous cells and that I should seek an opinion from a professional... WTF! so I saw my oncologist this past week and she reassured me that i will continue to get my mamos as planned, that the tech doing my test must have been a moron and that yes I do have dense breasts and will be getting MRI's once a year to check that. Barton didnt even send her over a copy of my mamogram, she had to request it even after I specifically said I have 3 doctors that need a copy of this... they are so stupid! Ok Barton rant done... On a positive note it looks like the meds are doind what they are supposed to and suppressing my ovaries, 1 more month on tamoxifen and they will be switching me to an AI (Aromatase Inhibitor) So this little bad boy has fewer side effects than the tamoxifen but the ones they do have are a bit worse than the tamoxifen. Lots of bone/joint issues (more???), hot flashes (like I need more), night sweats, insomnia, weight gain, loss of appetite, fatigue and a few more not so serious ones... I’m always tired as it is now! Ah! So we will see how i am on the new meds and go from there... (Poor eric)


Speaking of my amazing man, he bought me a new toy for my bday, a pink and white spin bike. i love that thing so much!!! It’s really helping with my joint aches and edema. I’m such a lucky girl to have him think of these things and support me. :)


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