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Nina Merten

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Posted 2016-01-18T18:09:00Z

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Dear Family and Friends,

My last round of chemotherapy was in November and I have been waiting for my body to recover.  Although there has been some improvement, it hasn't been fast enough.  I spend my days at home dealing with some pain, feeling very tired, and trying to get a few things done. Being able to look out over the lake and to watch the birds who visit our feeders brings me some peace of mind.  One of the most difficult parts has been how the illness has depleted my energy for visiting with everyone, and even responding to Christmas cards and get well cards.  I want everyone to know how much your cards mean to me.  I feel fortunate to have had some much support.  My family set up this site in hopes that it would make it easier to communicate.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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