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Lucille Ball and glasses

Hi, my friends,

Thank you for coming to this forum.  It will be a special place for me to write, share images, talk about life, outdoor experiences and how my health is.  Shawn updated everyone on the front page about what I have been going through this round. I am on a new oral chemo pill that I take from home once a day.  It is called Afinitor.  This gives me the independence to stay at home, and like a vitamin, I  pop it in my system every day at the same time and go about my day.  Most days I feel a bit of fatigue, but with a 1-hour nap, I can begin the rest of the day with great energy.  I want to use this site as a way for all of us to share, ask questions and stay connected.  I am looking forward to the Oregon spring days where I can join you for a walk, get back on my bike and do the things that bring a High quality of life back in.  I have had the pleasure of Stephen visiting me last week and currently, I am getting ready for my Mother, Eva to arrive from Greece for 3 weeks.  

I also would like to share updates about my Doctors visits, what new medications we may try next and how I am progressing in my cancer treatment.  Your friendship is what keeps me moving forward.  I am filled with so much gratitude and love for each and every one of you. 


On the lighter side of Cancer treatment.

I am channeling my inner Lucile Ball with my new curly hair and glasses. I am so happy to be sporting these curly cues and hope they stay.   Have a beautiful week, and for those of us in Portland, I hear that sunshine is on its way.

with love Octavia 

The photo was taken April 17th by my friend Carrie Alexandria Caster and I am snuggling little Jacks.

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