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Olivia Mellen

With brave wings she flies! Leukemia won't keep Livi down!!

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Week 4 of 120!!

I can't believe we are already at week 4 of our 120 week journey!! While we still have what feels like an eternity to go time also seems to be speeding by! Week 2 and 3 have been relatively uneventful and welcomed! Olivia has been feeling pretty good and besides the occasional weird food craving in the middle of the night (nutrigrain bars and pickles has been the favorite) she has been pretty "normal"! Last week she was filmed during her appointments by her buddy Nathan and she even got to show him how she can do all her line nurse stuff! They even let her take her own blood samples (with a little help lol) We have spent the last two weeks playing with Owen and our friends and neighbors, having some very special visitors, and lots of family time, which is Olivia's favorite! We celebrated Valentines Day last week by taking a trip to Build A Bear and making heart shaped pizzas at home! It was fun but not sure how we will EVER top another Valentines Day after how much she was spoiled by some special baseball players! On Valentines Day she had a visitor from one of her Poppa's former players who brought over candy for her and Owen and tons of valentines signed by his college team! Then a couple days later Owen and Olivia woke up from a nap to find Poppa's ENTIRE varsity team lining the streets and flooding our living room, wearing Team Livi shirts, bringing her 3 bouquets of flowers, candy, stuffed animals, headbands, a purse and toys and Owen a signed ball and candy! I can only pray that Owen and Olivia grow up to be as kind and genuine as these boys have been towards them during all of this! She has not stopped smiling about it and constantly asking us who brought her this stuff just so we can say "her brothers boys" and she just smiles and laughs. We are so so very fortunate to be part of such a special community in that of CBHS Baseball! 

This week Olivia has another "bomb week" of chemo....She is currently at St. Jude getting Vincristine and Doxorubicin (Red Devil) and will continue with an oral chemo and steroids at home each night. This combo zapped all of her energy last time she had it during week 1 so we are anxious of what the next week will look like for her. This will also be her second dose of the "Red Devil" so keep anticipating her hair to start falling back far it just keeps growing though! Peter was laid off from his job last week (great timing right lol) so he is able to be home with her to get all the rest she needs this week and that also means that this Momma and Gram and Poppa get a little break in the day to day care giving! This week please pray for her to not have any side effects and minimal exhaustion from these chemos and steroids and also to kick this little cough that keeps wanting to hang around! Say a prayer for Peter as well as he adjusts to being a stay-at-home cancer dad and that he finds a job he loves (sooner than later)! We definitely would not have been able to make it through the last 6 months without everyone's prayers and support so thank you for loving on our family and spoiling our babies! 

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