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Olivia Mellen

With brave wings she flies! Leukemia won't keep Livi down!!

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#4 of 4 Inpatient stays for High Dose Methotrexate

We are all packed up once again for our inpatient chemo stay! This couple night stay should be easy to pack for but by the time I get everyone packed for where they are going it feels like we should be going on a weeks vacation! This is the 4th and final round of high dose methotrexate and we are so excited to be closing in on the end of this phase of treatment! Olivia will have another bone marrow aspiration and spinal tap chemo around 8;30 in the morning so if you think about it say some prayers for her to go down and wake up well, for her Doctor doing the procedure and for her MRD number to hopefully have finally gotten to 0.000%! We dropped just slightly during the last one at 0.005%, but until she hits 0 she will continue to have these procedures done :( Olivia has continued to be a superstar in all of this! After this round we will have about a week off to recover and get ready for a 5 week span of 24 hr a day IV chemo. We will have to spend the first 9 days of this in the hospital and then will be home with a continuous IV bag attached (not looking forward to that at all!) The 9 day stay will fall over Owen and Olivia’s 3rd birthday and also Thanksgiving so we have been planning for a birthday party at St. Jude now, not exactly how I planned their first birthday in our new house, but they both seem to be excited about it for now! Our sweet friends opened up our “Take then a Meal” page for while we are on this 24 hr IV chemo phase since we will be going back to frequent appointments and be a little more stuck at home with an Iv line to worry about. The link for that is here: I believe the username is Mellen and password is 1234. Sine Olivia has been feeling so great and her numbers have been good she has been able to fit in a lot of cousin and friend time the last couple of weeks with Haloween events! We experienced our first St. Jude holiday and they went above and beyond anything we imagined! They have 54 tables of different departments decorated and handing out more candy than should be allowed! Olivia and Owen have enough candy to last a couple years and they had a blast trick or treating with sweet neighbors! I can only imagine what they will do for the upcoming holidays! We continue to feel all the support from so many people and it has truly kept us going! Thank you again for being a part of her team! 

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