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Olivia Mellen

With brave wings she flies! Leukemia won't keep Livi down!!

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Catch Up Time!

Sorry for the lack of updates’s been a whirlwind and just trying to keep up! First of all a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone praying for Olivia and our family!  We are definitely feeling them and they are WORKING! Also, thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has brought us our signed up for meals! This has been such a huge blessing to not have to think about cooking after our long days at St. Jude. Now, to hit the high points.... our life has been totally flipped upside down in the last 18 days but we are kinda getting into a new normal. Olivia continues to get good news from her doctors and has been SUCH A ROCKSTAR with all of the appointments! Olivia has appointments at St. Jude anywhere from 3-5 days a week where she has blood and vitals taken, port lines changed, chemo, blood and IV given, doctors seen and lots and lots of string cheese and chocolate milk eaten! During all of this she has had very few meltdowns and is starting to warm up to all her doctors and nurses! Her official diagnosis is Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) B cell type, low risk. We have been told by her amazing doctor, Dr. Pui, that if we are going to face this that she has all the best markers for it. Her age, gender, fact that she was not given steroids prior to diagnosis, that she has a particular gene that responds best to treatment,being on B cell not T cell, and she has no leukemia cells in her spinal fluid all means that she is in the low risk category and will not have to have as much (intense) chemo or as many spinal taps (this is where all the prayers have been felt)!! Her counts are all starting to show improvement and show that she is responding well to treatment already! We also got a call today that at her day 15 bone marrow test it was showing as 0.041 and at the end of the first cycle of 42 days they want it to be at 0.01 or less so we are in a good range for this to happen! We still have a LONG 2 1/2 year road of treatment but we feel so very confident that she is going to soar through it!! We try to hold on to all the positive news during some of the lows we’ve seen the last two weeks while she’s fighting us on medications, throwing up from gaging on meds, steroid rages, being isolated at home, puffy cheeks from meds and always wanting pasta, not getting to play with Owen as much, having to have Owen spend the night away or be at daycare, constantly keeping up with medications and checking temps (99.4 send us back in the hospital) and the hardest one to date....losing her beautiful hair (although this is harder on Mom and Dad than her). This is by far the hardest thing we’ve ever been through and still wish it was all a bad dream but everyone’s support has truly meant the world to us! We are beyond grateful to St. Jude for taking care of our girl! It is truly the most amazing place I have ever seen! I will try to keep up a little better now that we are getting used to it all a little more! I apologize for being so scattered!!

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