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Posted 2019-05-08T20:24:16Z

Life has been CRAZY! Week 12,13,14 and 15!!

WOW! I have fallen WAY behind on my updates!! Although our last update came right before Peter started back to work so life has been hectic again! It was such a blessing having him home for 7 weeks to help with appointments and making things run a little smoother! Week 12 brought us another lumbar puncture/spinal tap to make sure Olivia is still in remission and she IS!! This week also brought us a NEW JOB for Peter (huge praise!!!)  and lots of fun Easter activities that she was feeling well enough to take part in! Her chemo was a little rough on her joints this week, but she still fought through it and collected way too many Easter eggs!! During week 12 she also was the guest of honor at a CBHS Baseball game against Craigmont where the gate money and donations were given to St. Jude in her honor. They raised $1,717 for St. Jude!!!! Olivia and Owen LOVED getting to throw out the first pitch and are still talking about it!! It was such a special night for sure! Week 13….. we dealt with some more tummy issues and a little cold, but overall was a pretty good week for Olivia! This week was more eventful for Owen than Olivia. We found out that he will be needing to have his tonsils and adenoids taken out and tubes in his ears 😢Never a dull moment in our house!! Olivia is excited about his upcoming surgery though so that he won’t wake her up snoring anymore LOL. This week we made some special new friends as she was honored again at the Houston High School Softball game. They also raised money to be donated to St. Jude in her honor and spoiled Olivia and Owen a ton! It was so fun for them to meet the girls and see “her elephant” in the dugout! The catcher, Sydney, is also an ALL survivor, diagnosed at Olivia’s age, and also had Dr. Pui! We appreciate all the ways people have raised money for St. Jude in her name! It is truly amazing to see the impact Olivia, this tiny 3 year- old is having on so many! We also were asked this week to come to St. Jude for a photoshoot for the Thanks and Giving Campaign that goes out in the fall and Olivia and Owen always have a lot of fun doing those! We have heard through the grapevine that they are planning an “Olivia Take-over” to come out in July so we are excited to see what that’s about! Peter and I also were able to get away this weekend for the Nashville St. Jude Half Marathon with our good friends and it was MUCH NEEDED!! Peter raised over $600 and got a PR for his race! Week 14…. STERIOD WEEK …… our least favorite weeks in treatment!! These weeks always bring on a variety of issues and this week did not let us down.  Olivia’s tummy issues were FINALLY seeming to be getting better, however like always on the 4th day of Dex her diarrhea returned, this time landing us a 4 -day inpatient stay at St. Jude! Week 15....She only had PEG chemo this week which does not usually give her many side effects and no IV chemo next week so hopefully she will be able to make a full recovery before the next round of steroids. She has been feeling great this week, even while dealing with the tummy issues and has been wanting to do nothing but go swinging so high outside and eating…. ALOT! We also scheduled Owen’s surgery and he will be having his procedure done next Tuesday (the 14th) so keep him in your prayers too!! I am still trying to figure out how to keep my super active 3 year-old little guy calm and quiet for 2 weeks!! Olivia has assured him he will be ok and that she will be his nurse though! Again, sorry for such a lapse in updates but life has been CRAZY!! We are still so thankful and humbled by all the prayers and support we have received and blown away that in this past month over $5000 has been raised and donated to St. Jude in Olivia’s honor! Also, if you are signing up as a HERO for the Memphis St. Jude races, registration is open and please consider joining Team Livi! We would love to have you and you can sign up here:  If you sign up for the race but aren’t a HERO you can still join our team!!

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  • Jack Hughes
    Jack Hughes

    Wow, so much going on....and it's apparent that God is in control! Prayers ad love for all.

    4 months ago · Reply
  • Karen Pope
    Karen Pope

    So glad for a good report! Mommy and twins are making progress! Still praying... Karen

    4 months ago · Reply