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David Owen David Owen

Gawd blimey guv'nr Oi didn't know you were a cockney!!! The old trouble and strife let that one out of the (tartan) bag.....nah there's going to be a lot of grief coming from Blighty.

Happy Birthday ! D, A&E

Muffy Koch Muffy Koch

I have been wondering how you are managing at home, Jill and Linton? I trust that no news is good news! Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers everyday. Fight on, Team Tartan!

David Owen David Owen

Have you tried the original 1980 BBC versions of Le Carre's Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Smiley's people? Absolute classics with Alec Guiness as George Smiley. Keep fighting both of you.
Best wishes from the three of us D, A&E

Yvonne Yaksic Yvonne Yaksic

Dear Linton...thinking of you, Jill and Simone. I am hoping all has been going well at home and that you feel better every day! Possibly...when you are up to it ...we could see a message from you about your sct experience - what you thought it would be as compared to what it was😊. I will never forget the “going into the unknown” feeling when I began my sct. Sending you lots of good positive energy as we begin 2018. Yvonne

Margaret and Martin Vincent Margaret and Martin Vincent

Dear Linton, Jill, and Simone:
Thank you so much for letting us read the Journal - a privilege.
It is well written and very lucid in explaining the medical issues. But beyond that, it shows a united family setting an amazing example of intelligent strength in dealing with a very serious problem.
We got a lot from it - not just medical knowledge, but a picture of the everyday realities and how sheer grit and humor can win through.
You are much in our thoughts, and we look forward to seeing you when that is a possibility. Warmest good wishes.
---Margaret & Martin

Tina Rhoades Tina Rhoades

So happy that you are home, Linton!! May your warm, loving environment nurture you to improved health. We're hoping that 2018 is a better year for you, Jill and Simone. In honor of your tartan (plaid, for Simone!) craze, please find attached a photo of our pooches sporting their holiday tartan (tree skirt and bow tie).

Derek Ogilvie Derek Ogilvie

So Glad to hear you are on the way home enjoy the toast and cheese. All the best Derek

Ernst Ungewickell Ernst Ungewickell

We are very pleased that Linton is back home. All the best for Linton's recovery from
Huberta, Ernst, Charlotte and Veronika

David Owen David Owen

Linton, recover well and take it easy
D, A&E

Yvonne Yaksic Yvonne Yaksic

YEY! Linton - So happy to hear you will be going home😊. Please say hello to JB and Mary Francis - I am sure JB was happy to see you😊

David Owen David Owen

I don't think JMW Turner will be getting worried just yet but Picasso will be twitchy and Jackson Pollock has been left way behind. We still don't think you have enough plaid.........we will have to do something about that I think.
Best wishes for a speedy exit from you fantastic hospital - -VOOM--like a rat out of an aqueduct!
Please give the staff a big thank you from all your supporters in UK
David, Ailrie and Elspeth

Robert Moll Robert Moll

I enjoyed your new updates. My accolades to Jill and Simone. You both have earned your leadership place on Team Linton. I am pleased to hear that Shadyside will release Linton so early in the process. I was there 21 days before they let me out in 2012. In celebration I'm nursing a hot cup of rooibos tea.

Bob & Valerie

Darren Traub Darren Traub

So pleased that Linton is feeling better and producing his own blood cells. And so thankful to Jill for her incredible updates and insights. It has made us all able to share a little in the process of what he is going through, although I don’t think we will ever be able to know how it feels to go through this, physically and emotionally.

There are some insights that I have found amazing. Not only that they treat MM with weapons of mass destruction, but the fact that they know how and when to do it so it doesn’t ultimately do irreparable damage.

We were initially concerned that they were transplanting the healthy stem cells the day after they had injected the Melphalan. Surely the Melphalan would still be in his system and damage the stem cells? Well, not so! The damage that the Melphalan does to the cells is severe and abrupt, and it is only active in the body for a few hours and then dissipates to nothing. But the cells don’t die instantaneously. They take a while to die, as do all the quick growing cells in the body. That is why there is a waiting period, and why there are all other side effects.

Fast growing cells do not only include bone marrow and blood, but the entire lining of the gastrointestinal system, the skin and the emblematic hair. It takes a while for them to die, and hence the wait; and the late onset of the side effects (nausea, diarrhea, rashes, peeling skin, hair loss, etc.)

So, while the ‘bad’ cells are dying, and some ‘good’ cells are also being killed, the new cells are growing simultaneously. Quite incredible! And as the new cells recover the side effects start resolving.

I want to compliment Linton on his excellent selection of T-Shirts that he elected to wear during this transplant. Linton’s wardrobe is quite famous amongst the scientific community and comprises T-shirts from some of the finest motoring events in the country!! His particular selection for this extended treatment is very close to my heart – as is he, Jill and the gorgeous Simone!

Betty Betty

Brian and I are with you in thoughts and prayers. Looking forward to hearing good news of Linton coming home and his full recovery. Thank you so much Jill for inviting us to participate it is just brilliant to keep us posted this way. Brian is A+ and will be happy to give blood. I am B+ and feel the same way. Count on us to help out in any way we can. Much love to you both.

Yvonne Yaksic Yvonne Yaksic

Dear Jill and Linton. I continue to be in awe of your progress and your smiles. I have told my family about “Team Linton and Jill” - supporting each other every step of the way through the sct process and helping other MM patients along the way. THANK YOU❤️ Linton - love those pj’s😊. Your MM friend Yvonne ❤️