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I was diagnosed with breast cancer on December 4th. Since this epic day I have been working tirelessly to continue to be a wife, mom, friend, aunt, cousin, employee, lea[...] read more

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Posted 2017-06-02T04:11:48Z

Moving on to bigger and better, nah, bigger and different

As I am attempting to actually make a go of this book writing thing, I have received several recommendations that I need to move off of this cancer blog site.  This site has been absolutely great and has provided me a simple platform to write and manage through all of my feelings with my cancer journey.  However, I must move on.  I want to continue to write and share my feelings.  Not only am I done with cancer, but I also have so many more journeys I want to share.  

So, I would be ever so grateful if you could go to my new blog site, and become a follower.  I am in the midst of writing my first post on this site and I hope to have it up by end of day tomorrow.  If the flow keeps moving through me, it will be sooner.  My new blog site is at:

Thanks for all the support and following me on my new site, BLG

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