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Posted 2016-03-18T15:18:26Z

Making Progress

Hi friends,

John Forrest here. It's been a good few days with some good forward-moving progress in my healing. I've made it down to one chest tube on my right side. As far as we know, this one will be left on for a little while longer because it's helping to expand my entire right lung. The team will assess later today.

Yesterday afternoon, I was moved to a normal room on the post-surgical floor. My room is at the end of the hall, so it's very quiet at night and we are able to shut the door. It's such a welcome change from the ICU. I was able to sleep, but it's going to take me a while to sleep through the whole night again. There's lots of Netflix to be watched in the middle of the night in the meantime.

Today, my team discontinued my IV pain medication. That means I'm only connected to the chest tube now -- so my movement is much less limited.

All the movement now is toward being discharged from this lovely place. It's been fun, but I think it's about time for us to go.

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Comments (27)

  • Vicki Young
    Vicki Young

    So happy to hear you are moving in the right direction! My prayers to you and Ben.

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Brad C.
    Brad C.

    Thank goodness for a room at the end of the hall and doors you can close. Hospitals can take away quite a bit of your privacy... I hope you've started watching "Master of None" on Netflix. Highly recommended. And if you haven't watched the "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"... I'm not going to say that show will single-handedly cure humanity of all illnesses, but if any show could do it, that one could.

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Max Kostryukov
    Max Kostryukov

    You go, JF!

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Julie A. Arms Meeks
    Julie A. Arms Meeks

    Wonderful news. So glad to hear you are in a quiet room at the end of the hall. Much easier for you to rest and recover. I recently read about PTSD resulting from ICU stays and how disturbing they are to a brain and body. Don't hesitate to seek help along those lines, should you find you need it. Meanwhile, I'm rejoicing as you progress on the path towards home. Happy Friday, indeed!

    6 years ago · Reply
  • David Cavanaugh
    David Cavanaugh

    Thank God for progress! Here's praying for smooth forward progress!

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Yvonne SaMarion
    Yvonne SaMarion

    You are so amazingly AWESOME!!!!!!! Keep up the great healing and come home to us soon. We miss you.

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Kate Epperly
    Kate Epperly

    So good to hear from you directly John Forrest! It sounds like your spirits are still up.... We are praying for continued healing, some good sleep and homecoming soon!

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Cynthia Holt
    Cynthia Holt

    I cannot believe how quickly you are progressing. What a testament to your strength of will. That five star hotel has been great, but I agree it soon will be time to move on. Maybe someplace with a bar and a pool? Or better yet , home. Hugs!

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Deb Buller
    Deb Buller

    Great news....still sending healing energy an prayers!!!!

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Emily Munger
    Emily Munger

    I am so happy to hear of progress. I have only stayed a few nights in a hospital and couldn't sleep a wink- I can only imagine what you're feeling with everything else on top of little sleep! I hope for rest in as many ways as it comes- and peace as you must surely be feeling antsy! Love!

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Melody OKeefe
    Melody OKeefe

    So glad to hear how well you are progressing!!

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Anne Schoenherr
    Anne Schoenherr

    Great news, good to hear from you! Keep on, keeping on!

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Pamela Chapin
    Pamela Chapin

    Good to hear from you and that you're making fantastic progress.

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith

    Hosanna! Hosanna! OUT is definitely good! Keep visioning "Home!" Healing Hugs, Dan

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Steve Crow
    Steve Crow

    We will wave a special palm leaf on Sunday; a little symbol of gratitude for your great progress.

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Bill Armstrong
    Bill Armstrong

    Thanks for the progess "notes", hope and humor... Youand they have brightened my day😄

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Virginia Arroyo
    Virginia Arroyo

    Terrific news!! Healing prayers continue to go your way!!!

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Tracy Kaluzny
    Tracy Kaluzny

    You're really doing great! I have no doubt you'll be busting out of there soon! Keep up the strong work! 💪🏼 I'll continue to send prayers from Memphis!!! XO

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Ben Rockwell
    Ben Rockwell

    I know some of the feeling. I am so happy to see you improving so fast. Prayers are still going.

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Ben Konecny
    Ben Konecny

    So glad to hear that things are progressing in a positive direction. Have been thinking about you regularly and sending you prayers of hope and healing!

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Fran Holand
    Fran Holand

    So glad to hear this. You are amazing.

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Deb Moore
    Deb Moore

    Great to hear from you! Congratulations on the move to a regular room and all the other progress. Have you ever watched Friday Night Lights? Love that show - it's not really about football. Many seasons available on Netflix while you are lounging around ;-) Hang in there!

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Donald Shenk
    Donald Shenk

    So great to hear from you and know that you are moving forward. Continued prayers and blessings for your complete healing and the ability to jump through the Easter lilies! Much love, - Donald

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Debbie Tims
    Debbie Tims

    So happy to read this post. I know you feel the freedom of the tubes and pumps being out. God bless you as you continue this journey!

    6 years ago · Reply
  • G. Wayne West
    G. Wayne West

    John Forrest, that is great news! Keep up the good work. Sharon and I talk about your recovery every day. We are pleased to hear you are getting more rest and more tubes out. We will keep you and Ben in our thoughts.

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Cynthia Snell
    Cynthia Snell

    Great to hear that you are moving in the right direction! Thinking of you often and sending you positive thoughts. Cynthia

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Judy Reeves
    Judy Reeves

    Dearest John Forrest and Ben, What wonderful news! I'm so happy for you - most of the tubes out, quiet room, sleep/sleep/sleep. You're in our prayers constantly. With love, Judy Reeves

    6 years ago · Reply