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June 4 Update: Memorial Day, Summer Class and Some Additional Challenges

Jessie enjoyed Memorial Day weekend at the beach with Josh and Monica, Kathy, and the rest of the McHale clan.  They had beautiful weather and Jessie felt well enough to run on the beach.  On Memorial Day, Jessie even felt well enough to play some soccer with me.  Kicking around with her and seeing her run, trap, dribble, pass and shoot, it seemed like she hadn't missed a beat. 

Jessie started her summer class (Calc II) at Muhlenberg College on the Tuesday after Memorial Day.  The class has a fairly demanding schedule, meeting 4 hours every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, but she seems to be adjusting to the schedule. Thankfully, the professor and staff at Muhlenberg have been very accommodating.  Over the past several weeks we have also managed several trips to Chosen 300.  

Sadly, Jessie has recently experienced two seizures which obviously have us puzzled and worried.  Saturday morning's seizure was severe and unexpected enough that we spent the day at HUP, where Jessie's bloodwork, examination, and CT scan were all negative.  The doctors called this a "breakthrough" seizure and so on Monday Jessie's oncologist and neurologist decided to add an additional anti-convulsant.  Unfortunately, a mere 15 minutes after her first dose of the new medicine, Jessie had a very mild seizure which Mom quelled with a quick dose of Ativan.  For this seizure, Jessie did not lose consciousness and she was in good spirits shortly after the event.  We were lucky that Dr. Bagley (Jessie's oncologist) was on call and he agreed that it was not necessary for Jessie to go to the hospital.  Dr. Bagley thinks that due to the structural changes in Jessie's brain caused by the shrinking of the tumor, Jessie's brain is being irritated and this is causing the seizures.  Much to Jessie's chagrin, Dr. Bagley has ordered another short and thankfully low dose of steroids until the new medication has had time to work. 

In the meantime, Jessie didn't miss a class and plans to be at her cousin's graduation tomorrow and she just keeps on smiling and plugging away.

As always, thanks to everyone on TEAM JES21E.  Everyone who is praying, offering a good thought, or who asks how Jessie is doing shows the love and support for our dear Jessie.  We are so blessed for having our wonderful Jessie and all of you.   

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