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One Miracle Day at a Time with Jessie

Keeping Family and Friends Informed During our Battle with Jessie's Brain Cancer

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Posted 2019-12-14T18:02:48Z

December 13 and 14: Going Well . . . but not easy

Last night we enjoyed a rewarding dinner service at Chosen.  The sponsor volunteer organization arrived for their first time at Chosen with more than a dozen volunteers, all men.  Site Manager Sherica put Jessie in charge of the kitchen.  Jessie coordinated the trays of food and utensils coming out of the kitchen, and kept the serving table stocked with food and the plates flowing.  Jessie also jumped in on the serving table, said hello to several of the patrons we have come to know, and at the end of the evening cleaned all of the trays and utensils.  As always, it was good to see the people at Chosen.  We always receive more than we give.

At Villanova, classes have been going well.  Jessie has only two finals and a few final papers/projects and then will be home for the holidays.

Jessie's busy world also has included applying for an internship at Penn Neurosurgery.  She aced the interview (also Friday), and got the job.  She will be using her Villanova Business School skills at Penn this summer.

In the build up to finals, Jessie may not have been taking care of herself and attending to her morning and nightly medicine routine.  As a result, Jessie was dehydrated.  The doctors presume that the dehydration and other factors placed her at risk for the seizure which Maddie heard last night.  Superstar Maddie administered Ativan, called the Villanova Emergency Medicine Services and alerted Mom and Dad.  Dear friends Emily and Laura provided welcome assistance.  Upon the arrival of the Radnor Police and VEMS crew, Maddie kept Jessie calm and compelled them to transport Jessie to HUP (rather than their preferred destination, Bryn Mahr Hospital.  Maddie rode to HUP in the ambulance and waited with Jessie until we could arrive, and then waited until we could arrange a ride back for our BEST ROOMMATE IN THE UNIVERSE!  Let me not fail to mention that Maddie did all this despite having her Organic Chemistry Final (worth 1/3 of her grade) at 10 am today.  

By 3 am, Jessie and Maddie were looking good in the HUP Emergency Department.

Thanks to Maddie's professor for his understanding.

Jessie's bloodwork was mostly normal (showed some dehydration).  Jessie's MRI showed no change.  Jessie's medicine blood levels are still pending.  Jessie had been feeling so well this unexpected seizure has caused us a great deal of worry, but we will sort through the possibilities and keep going.  

In the meantime, we will take the early Christmas present and work on the self care. 

We hope that everyone is doing well.  Thanks to all for your love and support.  We are truly blessed.

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