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One Miracle Day at a Time with Jessie

Keeping Family and Friends Informed During our Battle with Jessie's Brain Cancer

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Nov. 15: Pizza at the end of the day makes everything better

Josh chauffeured Jessie from West Chester to Philadelphia for her chemotherapy and radiation therapy again today.  Driving to Philly was the easy part.  Radiation therapy was running several hours behind schedule.  Under normal circumstances, not a problem, but several inches of snow and ice descending upon the Delaware Valley created an interesting afternoon for the kids.

Josh made a valiant effort in the rear wheel drive Mustang.  However, after hours on the road, several inches of packed ice on Route 202 forced Josh to pull off the road, mere miles from West Chester.  Jessie has been exercising (apparently she jogged on the treadmill yesterday), so today a hike in the snow was in order, but several miles, in the snow, after chemo, and radiation, was a tall order. 

Josh's room mates and friends stepped up again.  Service (that's what everyone calls her) ventured out and picked up Josh and Jessie.  Later after the roads cleared somewhat, Matt helped shovel and push the Mustang back onto the road.  Back at the apartment, Josh's other roommates arranged for a giant pizza and a showing of Monsters Inc.   

And the chemotherapy and radiation went well too. 

Thanks to all of the members of JES21E's team for your love, support, and prayers as we fight through whatever obstacles are in our way to defeat this cancer.

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