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Aloha to our good friend Ron

Months ago Jessie and I met Ron (pictured with Jessie and at the far right of the group photo), the site manager at Chosen 300.  Jessie had decided that she wanted to go down to Spring Garden Street to help serve Saturday night dinner for the local homeless population.  Ron greeted everyone with a smile, led the volunteers in prayer, organized our tasks, welcomed the guests and made the experience positive for everyone.  Volunteers come from varied and diverse locations and backgrounds.  Ron's smile and jokes and spirit made all feel welcome and important.  The guests at Chosen also arrive with different backgrounds, and sometimes issues, but Ron's gentle insistence on mutual respect smooths the conflicts.  We "learned from the best" how to greet and serve with joy and respect.  Ron was also particularly helpful in accommodating Jessie as her condition has improved over these months.  

Unfortunately, because of other work commitments, Wednesday was Ron's last day at Chosen.  We will miss him there.

It was only when we learned that Ron would be leaving that we also learned that Ron also gives back through another organization, Ordinarie Heroes (which he founded).  (I have to ask him about the spelling.)  We have not gotten involved with Ordinarie Heroes yet, but knowing Ron, and having met many of the other people in his organization, which regularly assists in serving at Chosen 300, and looking at his organization's web site,, I am sure that our goodbye Aloha to Ron at Chosen was also a "hello" Aloha at O.H.  

We are so blessed to have met Ron and to have him on TEAM JES21E!

PS.  Ordinarie Heroes' "ie" ending does have a story.  The group's message is that everyday ordinary people are enough to change the world.  One does not need superpowers or a cape.  Ron replaced the Y with IE, to stand for his message:  I'm Enough!  Thanks Ron

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