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Posted 2012-04-09T20:31:39Z

Reality tv show. Lives of Children with Cancer. Operation Childhood Cancer Awareness.

We all watched at least one Reality television show like The extreme Home make over or the Nanny.

My idea is for a one hour prime time Reality tv show were a family with a child with cancer open its doors for the world to see how they live. The Long drives and flights just for treatment, the every day medications, the pain a child goes physically and emotional. The affects of chemo and radiations. The missed work and school days and the finance's it cost out of the pocket. Asking a Major network such ABC,NBC,CBS OR FOX to pick up this idea.

I waive all rights to this idea of this show, what is important is awareness and a cure!

  46 kids are diagnosed with cancer everyday. 7 kids die from cancer everyday.  Awareness and A cure needed!

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1. contact your local stations

2. Share your ideas or contacts and share this site with friends and family

3. Here is a list of contacts i ask of you to email and request them to review this site.

I am still confirming these email address's work.

to Contact CBS /NBCclick on CONTACT CBS OR NBC under Helpful links found to the left of this page.

Anne Sweeney
President, ABC Television
ABC Studios
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank CA 91521

Anne Sweeney direct office line: 818 460-7700

E-Mail: [email protected]

FOX : [email protected]

More to come.

I am looking for photos of children with cancer to add to the photo Album.

Please send them to [email protected]   Faces of  children with cancer touched my heart in so many ways i hope it touches theres too!



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