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Our 23 Weeker Then and Now

Riley was born at 23 weeks 4 days. She came into this world at 4:29 p.m. on Saturday August 9, 2008. She was 1 pound 2 ounces and 10 1/2 inches long...

Latest journal entry

Posted 2017-10-11T12:38:04Z

No more carepages....

9 years of our keeping everyone updated on Riley-jo with updates and pictures carepages is shutting down their site. I'm not to happy about it all that time I spent journaling on what is going on with Riley-jo will be gone. I will be printing out each post and message that was sent to us off from Carepages and make Riley-jo a book. Thank you for your support and LOVE!! I am excited this site will finally let me update all new pictures of Riley-jo. 

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