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Mary DeYoung-Smith Mary DeYoung-Smith

Dear Father, we were so sorry to hear about your surgery. We pray that you are feeling stronger every day and recover quickly. You are in our prayers. Much love, Mary and Kevin Smith

Dorothy Babbage Dorothy Babbage

Just the news I was looking for - thanks for the update. Fr Prus is such a blessing to all of us. Prayers for his continued recovery are sent his way.
Dorothy Babbage

Barbara Randau Barbara Randau

Barbara and son Charles(Chad). We are praying for your recovery and have so many remembrances of your wonderful homilies from your time at Shrine. We are especially blessed that your were able to preside at my husband’s Charles E. Randau’s service at Roseland Park Cemetery on this past August. After his being in the hospital for 4 months from April until his death on August 23 you will never know how comforting it was to have you involved in his service. I know he would have been too.
We pray for you each day and thank God that you have been in our lives.

Laura & Mark Mastracci Laura & Mark Mastracci

We lift you up in prayer: in thanksgiving for all the shepherding you have done for us and others, and for the loving friendship extended to our families; and in petition for your healing and comfort. Love you!
The Mastracci and Carter Families

Paul Vickers Paul Vickers

May God wrap you in His arms of healing. Praying for you and your medical team.

Trish Guarino Trish Guarino

Dear Fr. Prus,
I have added you to "my dear Jesus" prayer list. You are such a dear man and we are all so fortunate to live in the shelter of your beautiful love. Know that we are sending that love prayerfully back to you.
Trish "I'm not Bridget" Guarino

Debbie bricely Debbie bricely

Father Prus-
You have truly been an inspiration to so many people over the years and have blessed our family on many occasions with your love and compassionate teachings. Our entire family is keeping you in our thoughts and prayers! God bless you during this time. The Mares, Bricely, Parise and Kretschman families

Beverly arce Beverly arce

Please get well soon. you are always in our thought and prayers. We need you. Love the Arces

Jackie Callanan Jackie Callanan

Fr Prus,
You are in my thoughts and prayers. You have been such an inspiration for all of us. Your genuine kindness has been such a blessing. When my 24 year old nephew was dying, I brought my sister to you for guidance. It was on a Saturday and you were in your Mr. Rogers attire. She was very devout and having a terrible time. You were so wonderful. The best part was when you finished advising you said “would you feel better if I put on my Roman collar?”
Your wonderful way, thoughtfulness, and terrific sense of humor has always made me believe that your God is my God.
Get well soon😍😍

patty webster patty webster

Father, you have always inspired hope and have been such a force of strength and comfort during the worst of times, for so many of us. My family is greatful for your friendship and guidance. We love you, and wish you a speedy recovery.

Jenny Horton Zardus Jenny Horton Zardus

For all the times you have unknowingly guided me in my life's journey from grade-school to adulthood - will be here for you no matter what you need, for now it will be prayers - which you taught me so well :-) XO

Noreen Ellison Noreen Ellison

Surrounding you in prayer with love, dear Father Prus. Sister Noreen

Jerry Campbell Jerry Campbell

Amy and I are just around the corner and just a phone call away...

Sue Westerheide Sue Westerheide

Dear Father Prus... it’s our turn to pray for you as you have done for us .. .. you have been there for my family in good and bad times .... we are all here for you .. God bless you .. 🙏❤️

Patrick Beach Patrick Beach

Much love to you. In Chicago for a little more time but look forward to visiting. Get well soon.