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Stay by my side (and laugh with me) as I navigate this crazy turn of events. There might not be lemonade to be made from these lemons, but I will sure try!

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Again, MRI brings favorable news!

Dear family and friends,

On Monday this week I had another MRI, and the next day I met with my Neuro-Oncologist to hear her assessment. Good news! She said the images indicate that the tumor is unchanged again versus the last MRI. She reminded me that the 6 weeks of radiation last fall would give the indication of growth/change (called pseudo-progression, a known side effect of radiation) but after a couple months with no change she can conclude it isn’t actual growth. So that’s where I am, and I have to say it feels great to share this good news with you.

I will do another round of chemo next week and as miserable as that process is, I’m encouraged it seems to be doing what we want. My platelets unfortunately are down (again) and I will have them tested again at the beginning of next week. I have a history of them rebounding, so am hopeful that happens again. If not, I delay the start of the chemo by a couple days to give them the time it takes to bounce back.

John and I are now back in Maine (we drove up yesterday) and as I stare at the ocean on this gray, stormy day, I'm reminded of that word gratitude. Gratitude for my family and the continuous love and support they give me, gratitude for my beloved friends, gratitude that I live where I can stare at the immense ocean, and the list goes on...

Much love to all of you, and thank you for all your well-wishes and support.

P.S. Here's a photo of John and me not too long after we met in 2015. I like seeing pics of me with all my hair! Most of the front got zapped by the radiation last fall, and it has a way to go before it grows back in. I've become quite the queen of headbands lately.

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