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Out of the Blue

Stay by my side (and laugh with me) as I navigate this crazy turn of events. There might not be lemonade to be made from these lemons, but I will sure try!

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Over the radiation finish line!

On Monday October 22, I had my last date with Sparky. Six weeks of radiation are over, along with the end of the current round of chemo. Cheers all around!

Even with the celebrating, side effects like fatigue and nausea, and a stubborn cold, have been unpleasant. But I stay grateful for what is behind me, and I know the side effects will be history in a week or so. Take one day at a time, and with my family by my side, progress is happening. Now I get 4 weeks off, which mostly means being home in Maine and then in the middle, I will slip away to a spa in Arizona for several days. Can't wait for that.

In the meantime, John and I went to my 40th business school reunion a couple weekends ago (lots of fun, and I even had enough hair for a comb-over), friends have visited from out of town, family is here regularly, and I am still eating every calorie that passes in my direction. You can only cross one bridge at a time, and food deprivation comes later.

I'm sending all of you gratitude and love for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers! This is a team event, but please do not send cookies. That part has really gotten out of control!


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