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Posted 2019-02-13T02:30:10Z

Good news on a winter's day!

Dear Friends,

Here's a happy update while you, most likely, are being pummeled by rain, sleet or snow. I hope your basement is dry, you are warm and cozy wherever you are, and you're not behind the wheel of a car! The weather channel has given more than I want to know about outside conditions.

Yesterday at MGH I had an MRI and today I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Arrillaga, the neuro-oncologist who heads my cancer team. Good news -- my brain tumor is unchanged vs the last MRI from 3 weeks ago and while Dr. A cannot say the tumor has shrunk (which would be the best news, of course), she does believe it has not grown. This is really good!  John and I were so thrilled to get her report. I'll have another MRI in 2 weeks, and are hoping for confirmation of no growth.

Thank you to all who have written the most beautiful and compassionate comments on this site, sent cards, left voicemails, sent emails, extended invitations and offered to help in so many ways. Your outpouring of love and support is overwhelming, and my capacity to respond pales in comparison. But please know how much I (and John) appreciate what you have done and said. The strength it gives to both of us to keep-on-keeping-on is immense. Keeping-on going is the most important thing, and the boost I get from each of you is incredible. We know that Glioblastoma Multiforme is, always, a terminal illness, but I will continue the fight in every way possible. I defied odds by getting this illness, so plan to continue on that note as I push back and live life fully.

I get sad as I think ahead to what I will miss -- I'm unlikely to see my grandkids grow-up, graduate from schools and decide who they will be in life. I probably won't see my son Andrew throughout his career and build a family. Or see Stu win that gold medal in Tokyo 2020 (yes!), have the pleasure of knowing my daughter-in-law Tanya more deeply, or grow old with my beloved John. It's deeply disappointing, and there's no way around that. But I'm not there yet, and I will say that this disease makes me see how precious each day and every moment is. The lens of gratitude clarifies. 

So thank you again, my friends, and know that my heart feels your incredible love! There may be a winter storm outside, but inside it feels like summer as I write this email to you.


P.S. As you see from the attached photo, we ventured into the storm for dinner at a favorite local spot.

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