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Posted 2014-08-02T00:02:38Z

the beginning. ...

Hello all! 

My name is Stacey and I'm 28 years old.  My story began in 2006 when I was hospitalized.  I was diagnosed with a rare nerve disorder known as chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. I contracted my disorder from some form of a cold.  The doctors still are not sure why I got it when the disease is mostly found in males in their 40's. As I struggled with having a disease i knew nothing about my boyfriends family was right by my side.  They will never understand how greatful I truly am and always will be for everything they helped me overcome. I went from using a wheelchair to a walker to a cane in a little over a year with the exception of having to wear leg braces for stability.  Since having the disease i have had a few treatments of plasma aphresis to help stabilize my condition.  I have also recently had 2 beautiful kids that a few years ago I would have never thought was possible. Then to top everything off I found out 2 months ago I could possibly have thyroid cancer. They are still in the process of running tests to find out how far along it is and if that is the case they will remove my thyroid and i will be on medication for the rest of my life to keep my hormone levels stable.  So this is my story.  I hope that my story can help others realize that no matter what is going on in your life you can get through anything with the support of family and friends and never give up!

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