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Posted 2015-02-28T03:21:02Z

I see progress!

After being gone for what seems like an eternity, I returned to find a much stronger Carey! He is transitioning much easier from chair to bed, etc. When I left Tuesday, I was trained in how to properly "lift/assist" him in moving from place to place. Now I'm only around as a "spotter". His strength is certainly returning and mobility is much improved. All those daily "normal" tasks like shaving, coming hair, brushing teeth is being accomplished with out any assistance. Chad must have been a good nurse in my absence! My biggest surprise was watching him take the long walk this morning to the gym in a walker. Then he spent the rest of his hour on a treadmill! There is no keeping him down now! Scotty and Ivo have figured out how best to "get even" when Carey starts dishing it out. So grateful to be surrounded by such a capable and fun loving shows in the great progress I see in the 2 short weeks we have been at Zale.

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  • Sam Ives
    Sam Ives

    Hey Carey! It's hard to keep a good man down!!!!! So glad to know you are making such great strides. We continue to lift you up and look forward to your return to the hood. Have a great Sunday. Sam I Am

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Sandy Gadman
    Sandy Gadman

    Praying for you my friend !!! sounds like they are working you really hard , and alot of progress is being made !!! keep up the hard work !!! love all the pictures

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Cristin Merker
    Cristin Merker

    Much love and prayers are coming to you all from Shanghai. Thank you for starting this website and keeping it updated-I'm sure it's hard with everything else on your plate but I know I, along with your loved ones, are so glad to have updates on Carey. Carey might get a kick out of the following story. I told my husband about what had happened to Carey and at first he couldn't quite picture which man from Turnkey Carey was. I showed Daniel a picture of you two at our wedding and Daniel said, and I quote, 'Oh! The good lookin' guy with nice hair." I hope Carey gets a big kick out of that! Love you guys. Praying.

    5 years ago · Reply