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Carey...Tanner and I were visiting today-- your name came up. Sorry I haven't contacted you sooner. if you 'd like - give me a call or give me your # @ [email protected]

Melanie Scott Melanie Scott

CAREY!!!! Hi, sweet friend. I was so excited to see Sandy's message with this link. We have been wondering where you were and how we could find out about your progress. You look great, and I'm so happy for you and the remarkable job you are doing with your rehabilitation - sounds just like the Carey we all know and love. Keep up the great work! You have been in my thoughts daily. 😊. Many prayers for continued success!
Melanie Scott

Sandy Vinyard Sandy Vinyard

I just don't have the words to tell you how glad I am to see pictures of that smiling face! I didn't want to bother Janet, but just needed to hear from her how you're doing, and am so glad I did. David sent a message to Mel & me on Facebook and has sent a few updates. While I have appreciated them, we both know that David is a man of few words. = ) I can't wait to send this link to Mel. You're one of the most strong-willed men I know, and in this instance it looks like it's paid off. I'll be checking your posts and will check in again soon. I look forward to a snarky email from you soon, okay?

Cinnamon Copeland Cinnamon Copeland

I am so happy you are home and have been having puppy therapy. I know you still have work to do, but I am amazed at how far you have come and continue praying for your recovery. Use that right hand to squeeze on those puppies and COME SEE US. We all miss you so much and would just love to see your face and the meantime, keep working and maybe I will come see the doggies in the window...and you too :) . Sending lots of love and prayers and just so excited for your progress!!!

Risha Kuhler Risha Kuhler

Way to go Carey! I knew blue was more your color than yellow! Travel safe and be prepared for a massive amount of puppy love that I'm sure is waiting for you back at home! I know the journey to full recovery will be sooner rather than later. You are one tough guy AND you have Janet so it's a definite win-win for all of you! Take care and we'll see you soon!

Lorinda Cook Lorinda Cook

Carey, Can you believe I am a Turnkey employee? Last week training in Amarillo was very interesting. I know that I will like working with all the people. I missed giving you a bad time while I was there so I will just have to make up for it when you get back. Maybe another road trip to Amarillo.

Betty Jo Gigot Betty Jo Gigot

Oh, thank heaven. Home will be so dear. Dean and I are so proud of you my friend.

Jeff Barenberg Jeff Barenberg

Carey i'm glad to here that your recovery is going so well. I was sorry to here about your accident. At least you are missing the crappie weather in Amarillo. The cold and ice will never end this year. Hopefully soon you will be able to take short walks outside. Keep a positive attitude and you'll be back to normal soon. Your friend Jeff Barenberg

Lucy Gerken Lucy Gerken

Hey Carey. The story of yours about the socks had me laughing! Thanks for brightening up my day then too! So have you ever considered stand up comedy?
I just read Janet's latest post and am completely amazed and celebrating the HUGE progress you are making already and so quickly. Grateful and praising on you behalf.
Way to go, and so glad you are so positive and hardworking and REALLY want those blue socks! Keep up the good work. Honoring you! Lucy

Cheryl Callis Cheryl Callis

Wow, was so good to read your post today Janet. Sounds like real progress to me. Keep up the good work. However his people will soon learn they can never get even with Carey. He will always be one step ahead. Blue sox here he comes....

Wick Culp Wick Culp

Hi Carey,

Hope each day for you is a better day than the day before. I know your zest for life will help you get through any task. You have many friends who think of you daily and wishing the best. Jack told me he was watching the dogs. I know they will be glad to see you. Probably too much so. I will continue to check in and see all the improvements that you make daily. Your friend , Wick

Betty Jo Gigot Betty Jo Gigot

Understand the weather in Dallas is messy. We are sitting down in Arizona, enjoying the sunshine. Have room for one more when you get ready. Keep up the good work.

Cheryl Callis Cheryl Callis

So it is Saturday morning Coffman. Are you watching cartoons? Do you get the day off on Saturday. Glad to see the smile on your face.

Cinnamon Copeland Cinnamon Copeland

Think about you every single day and just miss you and your spunk. Work hard and can't wait for you to WALK through those doors!!!

Terry Jones Terry Jones

Mr. Coffman,
Here's a report of recent things here at Turnkey. The hallways are quite, the candy jar stays full, and productivity is soaring! I'm not drawing any conclusions, just reporting. No judgement intended, just reporting.

Hope that you are doing well.