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Papa Joe's Journey

Follow along Joe's path to fighting Pancreatic Cancer.

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Chemo Update (Week 24)

Today was Joe's last day of chemo therapy!  It wasn't without a little drama as one of Joe's numbers had dipped pretty low requiring the doctor's authorization to move forward.  The doctor gave the green light and the last infusion was able to take place!  Joe will continue to his oral medication through Sunday.  Once Sunday comes, he will be able to put the chemo treatment Chapter of this journey behind him.

Joe has been very lucky with regards to the side effects from his treatment, and we continue to count our blessings for that. While the treatments are soon to be complete, we may need your prayers now more than ever.  As mentioned early on, the doctors advised that the Chemotherapy treatments should keep the cancer away.  Now that the treatments will be complete, he will become more vulnerable to recurrence.  

Joe is scheduled for his first CT scan post chemo on October 30.  Joe and Denise will meet with the doctor about a week later to learn the results.  

We cannot thank you all enough for your support through this portion of Joe's Journey and appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers as we await what lies ahead.

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