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Papa Joe's Journey

Follow along Joe's path to fighting Pancreatic Cancer.

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Posted 2018-07-16T20:58:28Z

Update 7.16.18

Hi all,

I wish I had more uplifting new to share, but there are many times in life that we don't understand God's ways, but we have to continue to trust His plan. 

Joe had to switch oncologists due to insurance reasons.  He visited his new oncologist at the end of June and they went ahead and took this blood work.  While all his other numbers looked good, the CA19-9 (cancer antigen test) was elevated above the normal range.  With this increase plus the previously found spot on Joe's liver, Dr. Kute (the new oncologist) ordered a CT scan.  Today, we received the results of that CT scan.  They found that the original spot on the liver had grown by over a cm and 2 new spots have appeared.  Dr. Kute has ordered a biopsy to ensure what the spots are, but based on their growth and the CA19-9 levels, they believe these spots to be metastatic lesions.  If that is the case, Joe's cancer is incurable.   The only treatment the oncologist would recommend is chemo to help with any sort of pain management.   The silver lining is that Joe still feels good!  He is not in any physical pain.  The doctors seem quite surprised by that.  We hope he continues to be so lucky in this fight.  Please pray with us to give Joe and Denise strength, courage and peace during this time.  While this is not the news any of us hoped for we continue to have faith in God and His Plan, but would love for your continued love, support and prayers to help lift us up.

Much love,


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