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Posted 2015-11-04T06:06:39Z

1st days events

Very nervous and worried about arriving yesterday.  Must be honest here - as soon as I got to the Flint airport, I instantly went into panic mode.  Once at my mom's house, I had two tylenol and a rum and coke - courtesy of Joel. That, by the way, did the trick.  Things went much better than anticipated today.  Went to breakfast with my Mom and Joel. Sydney loved the restaurant - Bob Evans. When we got to my Dads,   Mark (my cousin) was there  working away.  (Mark has been working on the Mud House and any project that needs attention for several weeks now).   Thank you Mark for all your help !   I can't say that enough !  Also, super nice to have someone here to  welcome us so sweetly & carry our suitcases up two steep flights of stairs ! Lucky girls. [...]