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Surgery is coming soon!! March 14th to be exact

Hi everyone,


I’m sorry to have dropped the ball on posting- it’s been busy. I just wrote a post and somehow user-errored it so that only the pics went up. So now I’m working to quickly put up highlights. 


One of the two surgeons who will be operating on Parker cannot make the March 7th date, so they moved his surgery out one week. 

I was actually kind of surprised and glad when I learned this because I thought only one surgeon would be there and had no idea that Parker will have the luxury of both surgeons (who have been the two who have been operating on him since he was 17 days old) will be there. 

So! This puts us at 33 more days till transplant! 14 more dialysis sessions. 


I have to get going- but I want to post more


thank you!

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