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Daddy journeys into transplant workup and Parker gets to go to church!

Today, Aaron is at Brigham and Women’s getting checked out for Kidney Removal. The running joke is that you’ll be getting the best physical of your life as you get ready for this. Parker, and all of us, are so so lucky that Aaron is a match. The picture is his schedule today and it isn’t the last round of hoops to jump through. If his kidney vessels look like they’ll connect well with Parker’s we’ll be in great standing! 

just in time before the weather turns too cold, we were able to take King Parker to church. We didn’t want to say anything in advance because if he had a tough night or morning we would have let down his Grammy (and his other friends who have been prayer warriors) 


It was so nice for us to catch up and feel normal. We missed out on seeing some people we were looking forward to seeing- but we hope to go up again in a few weeks. 


Parker’s Dialysis has been good enough. So when we first started it took 80 mins total, then it became 100 minutes, then 2 hours, and now it’s about 3 hours. They’ve told me that it doesn’t mean his clearance/electrolytes are bad, but that he is so small that they need to use these tiny little lines on him, and to get the desired balance of electrolytes, he needs to be hooked up longer. I anticipate he may go up to 3.5 hours but we’ll see. He doesn’t feel any pain during the procedure, and he enjoys the dialysis staff quite a bit. Yesterday I had the fortune of seeing the laughing squad come in and play rock songs on ukelele for Parker. They kept trying to walk away but Parker wouldn’t stop looking at them so the ukelele player kept starting back in with more songs. It was amazing- he loves music!! 




and now it’s time to start thinking about Christmas! 


Lots of Love,

Mommy, Daddy, Parker

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