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Time for an Update?

Holy Flipping Moly

Wait, it’s almost been a month since we’ve posted here? What a month it has been.

Parker started May with a few quick re-admissions to his favorite hotel, BCH, but finished off super strong. As I type this, our little man is sitting in the back seat coming back from a visit with family.

I took Parker to clinic today and they were GLOWING about his labs. He’s doing exceptionally well and it really seems like we’re on an up swing finally. Can it be true, will our little family finally get to have a calm? It doesn’t seem real. Most days are filled with adventures to the park, exploring new sounds and learning to recognize new words, and working on physical development Parker has missed out on. He’s catching right up to where he should be. The renal doctor we saw today is convinced he’ll be walking and talking by the close of the summer.

I have to tell you, it feels wonderful to be able to get back some of the family time that feels like has been stolen from us.

By the way, there’s a lot of people who deserve thanks since the transplant. Trust me, we haven’t forgotten about you and the love and support is certainly felt. We’ve just been running so wild it’s been hard to even sit and be contemplative.

Thanks again, and love to all.

Aaron, Rebecca & Parker

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