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Another Line Gone!

Today it was the Foley catheter! We came down this morning to find that his nurse just took out his Foley catheter. He had some urine output today without the catheter, and even a little bit of stool. Enough to give the team confidence that he is ready for a little bit of milk. It’s a minuscule amount -like, 1.5ml per hour. Just enough to prime his stomach to get him ready to have more. Hopefully he’ll be on to big meals soon.

The nurse was SO happy about his blood gas level that she did a little dance. They even took away a little more oxygen support! If he keeps this up, in a few days he is going to be breathing tube free!!

He continues to be on the 12 hour dialysis cycle with a 12 hour rest period in between. They’re really pleased with his fluid output still. He’s really taking well to the dialysis.

Mommy and Daddy are both feeling really happy hanging with our little buddy. He had another sleepy day, but with so many positives -we know he’s still on the right track.

I must have watched my Parker video at least 50 times... can’t wait to get to some scrapbooking for him. I have favorited all the photos I NEED to print out. He’s going to be one month old this Monday. Wow. Can’t believe it!

Love you Parker. We love all of the people in our lives who share their care every day with him and us. The prayers, the thoughtful words, the presents- it’s raised my awareness of just how wonderful people are. Parker has brought me closer to humanity. Thank you doesn’t even cut it. ❤️🌈🦋


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