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Posted 2018-12-11T18:02:00Z

Farewell to KC - The Cover’s Angel

KC, Paul and Lisa’s forever puppy, passed away recently after being diagnosed with her own cancer.  A truly magnificent and loyal creature that loved unconditionally and without question.  KC loved her walks by the pond and exploring the woods. She loved EVERYONE! She was there for the whole family through their battle with Paul’s cancer, providing a tail wag, a quick lick, or a happy face following a rough day of treatment.  She was Lisa’s comforting puppy throughout it all and I am more than certain that KC’s presence made Lisa that much stronger to buoy Paul’s spirits. 

One may draw their own conclusions but the coincidence of Paul’s treatment and recovery and KC’s emotional support and her own similar illness cannot go unnocticed.  She saw the family through their most trying time, all the while her condition getting worse as Paul’s improved (as you can see at Thanksgiving as shown in the last photo of Josh and Paul cooking the turkey). KC was a terrific dog and loving companion. She was their Angel and with her mission now complete, it was time for her to rest. 

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  • susan Hammond
    susan Hammond

    This is deeply moving. The power and love of our other-than-human kin is extraordinary! Thank you for sharing this beautiful relationship. The loss of KC is very hard, I’m sure. May Paul and Lisa and their loved ones be comforted by the great love KC gave while with them. A blessed Christmas filled with profound understandings and much gratitude for us all this season❤️🌟🌎 Sue

    one year ago · Reply