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Mark Slimko Mark Slimko

I thought I'd post some photos I found in old text messages since my iPhone 5S is running out of memory. So here's a few from two years ago around your retirement time with a photo of me holding the bottles we finished following my return from my final deployment. The bottles barely had a sliver of liquid in them so it wasn't too difficult. I think the other toasting photo with TMac and Corey was some terrible Grappa that Mott gave you after we took that photo with him. And then there's your last contact in the 10. I hope working "The Bag" in the coming weeks doesn't drain you too much and it takes care of business. Love you and the Slims are pulling for a good end to a tough year!

Randall Harney Randall Harney

Hi Paul & Lisa. We are SO pleased and relieved to hear that the initial BMT results are good. Your family's strength, positivity, "Joie De Vivre", and love for each other in the face of this miserable disease inspire us every day and show us how to be better people ourselves. Thank you.

Randy & Pam Harney

Susan Page Susan Page

Hey Paul and Lisa! We are praying for you all as tomorrow and the days ahead approach. We look forward to more times like this and getting you back home... HEALTHY!
Pagee is still waiting for the deed to the villa...
Susan and Pagee

Mike Page Mike Page

You've made such a difference in the life of Pagee. You helped give me the most powerful thing a man has... HOPE! And it was just by being you. You helped me get back on my feet by giving me the foundation to establish a home for me and my kids. That moved me more than you know. A man can rebuild, a man can heal, and a man can do extraordinary things with hope. On a side note... When you sent this card. I was hoping it had the Deed to an Italian Villa. But now i realize i should simply hope you remember the POSTAGE when you do send the Deed! 🤣🤣🤣


Ken Rosenquest Ken Rosenquest

Voice from a long ago tanker guy here but I wanted to wish you all the luck, success, strength and hope during your fight. Looks like you’ve got a great family backing you during all this - I’m sure it will make all the difference in the world. Hang tough -

Ken Rosenquest

Amy Culwell Amy Culwell

Paul - Thinking of you and sending continued prayers your way.

Hugs to you and the family,

susan Hammond susan Hammond

Dear Paul,
I’m in Seattle visiting Suzi and we are thinking of you! Seattle is COLD!!! And beautiful! Suz has a beautiful view of Mount Rainier, which is partly clouded over with amazing cumulus clouds. We are sending prayers and love to you and hugs to your mom and dad🙏🙏❤️🌟

KIrk Herold KIrk Herold

Hey Paul

Thinking of you today.

Remembering the time we taught you to water ski. A lot of laughs that day.

Kenny Tang and I said a prayer for you yesterday.

Always in our thoughts

Colleen King-McClintock Colleen King-McClintock

Sending smiles and love from our family to yours!

One of my favorite quotes: "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!" - Audrey Hepburn

Love, Colleen, Matt and Aidan

KIrk Herold KIrk Herold

I am thinking of you and will be praying for you everyday. You are truly one of the greatest persons on earth. I haven’t seen you in quite some time but can still see you laughing when I think of you. You have been there for so many people in your life, know that we want to be there for you, so we can hear that laugh for many years to come. I’ll be reaching out often brother on this page just to let you know you are loved and thought of daily.

Amy Culwell Amy Culwell

Paul - I am so sorry for the struggle you face. I am thinking of you and your beautiful family. If anyone can beat this it’s you. Sending prayers and and healing thoughts your way.

Stay strong,
Amy Culwell

Mark Slimko Mark Slimko

Anke, thanks for posting the photos. -Slim

Frank & Anke Manshande Frank & Anke Manshande

Remember the water balloon fight in 2010? We certainly do! Lots of love, Anke

Frank & Anke Manshande Frank & Anke Manshande

These photo's remind us of a great game of the Phillies and a lovely day at the beach during our visit in 2015. Lots of love, Anke