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Welcome to Paula's BS (brain surgery) page! ♡ As many of you know, our beautiful Mom was diagnosed with a benign (meningioma) brain tumor earlier this year. She is havin[...] read more

Latest journal entry

Day 3 - 8:11pm

Paula has been sleeping a lot today. We're working to get her blood sugar monitored with the steroid they're giving her since her blood sugar is continuing to rise. They've said this is normal with the steroid she's on and they will give us additional information before we head home so we can monitor. 

She's been up walking today and was able to eat actual food this afternoon. One of the surgeon's came to talk to us tonight and is coming back again tomorrow morning to make sure everything is under control. Tomorrow afternoon we'll meet with someone to outline all of the care (meds, appointments, etc.) Paula will need once she gets home. 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Goodnight!

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