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One month in...

So it's been just over a month since transplant, and my Mom and I have settled into our apartment in the Outer Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco. The apartment is really cozy and comfortable, we're a couple blocks from the beach and Golden Gate Park, and most importantly, it's a good home base to heal from. (bonus points for a gas fireplace!)

I cannot begin to thank you all enough for your generous contributions and support. It has absolutely been a God send and made this place of healing possible. It's such a relief to be so close to all of my outpatient appointments and at the same time in such a good place. It wouldn't have been an option without your help.

I'm sorry it's been so long since I've posted an update. As much as I'd love to say otherwise, this last month has been especially rough on me. Nothing dangerous or life-threatening, but still an impressive potpourri of nasty symptoms. I'm told it's a combination of the chemo working it's way through and all the drugs I'm currently on (another impressive potpourri). It's been a rollercoaster ride one day to the next, and even one hour to the next. That said, my healthcare team is outstanding and they keep tweaking and adjusting everything to make it more bearable. They keep reminding that this is a marathon, and I'm still in the early stages of healing.

After a life of being healthy and strong and vital, it's been a hard transition to make. It was more ok in the hospital somehow to be moving slow, but being out, it's really gotten me down to feel so weak. This is a temporary thing, and healing will come, but it's a much slower process than I had hoped. Who knew?! I'm human :)

I was a little nervous wondering what it would be like to live with my Mom again as a 45 yr old adult, and I'm happy to report, all is going great on that front. I know it's been hard for her to see me in pain, and not be able to fix it, but we're both getting through this day by day. She flies home tomorrow for a well deserved week's break, and I get a week with my lady love! Yay for both of us!! It's been hard being so close to home and unable to visit, and Christine really is so much of that HOME for me. I can't wait for her to get here tomorrow!

Again, I'm sorry for not being more responsive these last several weeks. Please know that I cherish all of your messages and your support across the miles. It lifts my spirits and makes my boots lighter.

Much love!


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