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One month in...

So it's been just over a month since transplant, and my Mom and I have settled into our apartment in the Outer Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco. The apartment is really cozy and comfortable, we're a couple blocks from the beach and Golden Gate Park, and most importantly, it's a good home base to heal from. (bonus points for a gas fireplace!)[...]

Pauly 2.0

It's official! I'm now a chimera (pronounced kīˈmirə) and just waiting for the new super powers to kick in. The new stem cells should have all found their new homes by now, and are just starting to get to work rebuilding my immune system. I basically have a baby's immune system, and will have to get re-vaccinated. My blood type switches in a couple months, and I should be fully integrated by Christmas. The hospital staff refer to it as my second birthday, and that seems appropriate. I'm just certain it's going to make me better, faster, and stronger![...]

Fancy new stem cells!

The transplant went off without a hitch yesterday afternoon, and now I'm the lucky recipient of 5.2 million mighty stem cells! I had the day to prepare myself to receive this amazing gift, and it was a lovely process. I visualized all of you supporting and encouraging me from near and far, and it gave me comfort beyond words. I attended a guided meditation, and that put me in such a great place for this. Christine arrived just in time to be there with me for the transplant, which was perfect. [...]

Back in the saddle and going strong!

I've been back at UCSF since Tuesday, and yesterday finished up my final (*fingers crossed* FOREVER) round of chemo before transplant. By all of their tests, there is no detectable leukemia to be found in my body since my first round of chemo in May. Basically, everything is right on track for me to get my magic delivery of stem cells this Wednesday!! Wooo Hooo![...]

Great News! ...and can you help?

We just learned I have a confirmed bone marrow donor!! She’s a German woman, and I’ll acquire her blood type, XX chromosomes and who know what else on Aug. 15th.  One step closer to cure! I’m overwhelmed by this gift of life from someone I will likely never meet.[...]

Fingers Crossed!

I'm 10 days into this round of chemo, and it's a completely different experience from the first. It's been so uneventful, it's almost boring. All blood work keeps coming back with good news, and if it keeps up, I'll likely get out a few days early this time. Yay![...]

Wind in my sails again!

It's been a really tough week plus of chemo, fevers, vomiting so hard I gave myself 2 black eyes, CT scan, etc.

...and then just like everyone promised, my numbers started to come back up. I started to feel better. They put me back on solid food, and I am starting to feel more normal. I have more energy. My sense of humor is back, and I am feeling more and more like ME again.Didn't quite realize the toll it was taking. It's not perfect, but everything is really heading the right direction![...]

Still rolling on..

Sadly, I said good bye to my lovely mother and daughter today. They were here all week with my step dad Steve early on. It was so strange to shoo them out periodically so I could nap or get procedures done. I think they had a fabulous visit to the de  Young Museum. I cannot recommend it enough.[...]